Oh Baffle Me!

I just had a pretty baffling experience at noon today.  Not to knock Wal-Mart, they do supply my family with most of our needs, but seriously, I left there quite perplexed.

 So, as I was making my way to the register I was pleased to find that they are now selling reusable shopping bags.  This is something I have wanted for a while now but never got off my bum and bought them.  With much excitement I grabbed a couple figuring that by purchasing a couple at a time, they are only $1, I would soon have an army of reusable shopping bags.

On to the baffle.  I put the bags in front of the line of products…………..


instead of using them to carry some of my purchase………………..

she placed them inside their own plastic shopping bag. ???

Seriously. ….What the heck was that?  Did that not defeat the purpose of reusable?

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  1. Gotta love the check out chicks there! (Bless their heart)

  2. Umm, yeah. Let’s use the plastic for the reusable. Those women are so brain dead sometimes!

  3. The lady today was super nice, but let me tell you about the guy that waited on me a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely no smile, when I tried to talk he scoffed a little. Not to mention after the transaction when he walked to put something up and I appologized because I thought I hit him when I put my coat on and he acted like I was stupid. Hello, I was being polite not idiotic.

    Anyway that was a little off the topic. I just feel they should maybe better explain the idea of reusable.

  4. SOme of the poeple who work at these places are stone cold stupid. Really. She probably didn’t even notice what they were. At least she was nice! I am a teensy bit of a bitch and when I get those irritating checkout people… I just cannot help myself. I become bitch goddess….

    I need me some of those reusable bags….

  5. Typical. People have *got* to change their mindset!

  6. That’s funny and so predictable. They aren’t highly trained professionals, really.

  7. I assume I’m not supposed to be laughing?

    Hallie 🙂

  8. I have often wanted to buy and use those bags myself. I guess I chicken out thinking “Will I REALLY use them once I buy them?” Now, maybe that I know someone else is doing it maybe I could too! Blessings. (Found you through Mappersnapper.)

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