Post # 97 – Get Ready

Isn’t it funny how your life changes.  At one time Friday nights were exciting because it meant “going out”.  Now I am having fun lying on my bed writing to all of you.   It was fun being a teenager but I wouldn’t go back.

I sort of went off there a little.  There are 3 reasons for this post:

1.  To share with you guys some of the bargains I have picked up for the kids lately.

2.  To stay on schedule for Monday to be my celebratory 100th post.

3.  To tell you all to be sure to drop in on Monday for a special “Meet a Bum Monday” and 2 part contest.  Wonder what I’m talking about???  Come back on Monday to see.  It’s a now & later kinda thing.  Someone will get a prize now, as in next week, and someone will get a prize later, like in I’m not sure that all part of the contest.

On to the deals.

My SIL is an awesome bargain shopper.  She always get her kids clothes for the fall at the end of the previous fall when they are marked super cheap.  She has an advantage of living in a bigger area but I am learning that I am not limited to my town.  I have found some pretty good deals online.  If you have never visited Mir at www.wantnot.netthen I suggest you visit her daily.  Her blog revolves around sales, freebies, etc.  I have been visiting her for over a year now and have gotten some awesome stuff.


I know its not a whole lot but I am very excited about what I have here.

2 pair of LL Bean snow boots for Baby Bum. I usually pay about $20 for Lil’ Bum’s snow boots because I buy them when it snows. I got both pair for $13 tax shipping the whole shebang.

4 2-packs of Gerber blanket sleepers. These were clearanced at Wal-Mart. If I remember right I paid about $8 for 1 package this fall. That means I got them for $1/sleeper. I bought 2 packages for Baby Bum and 2 packages for gifts.

2 packages brown girls leggings with horseshoes, 1 long sleeve tee that looks like a Boston terrier and 1 pair of athletic pants for $12.13 tax and all. Lil’ Bum has leggings for now and leggings for later and Baby Bum has a couple of cute things for later.

total $33.13 

As I said before, Monday will commemorate my 100th post being a great time to hold a contest.  So be sure to stop by to learn about a few special ladies with “Meet a Bum Monday” for a chance to win prizes.

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  1. Happy Easter 🙂

  2. ooooh! I luuurrvvvv contests! Of course, I would be here anyway but a contest is just cool. Love the deals! I am going to have to go check out that site. Thanks! Have a great Easter!

  3. Wow! I haven’t heard of ‘want not’ .com, but I’m flagging her. I love deal for my little punks!

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