Post #98 – Get Set

Cowdy Howdy!

Last year we added another element to our funny farm – nurse cows.  Now our herd size is nothing compared to PW‘s, it is however big enough to keep Mr. Bum busy.

This is a picture of part of our herd. At this time we have 2 momma cows and 4 calves. Our momma cows are Holstein/Jersey crosses.  Both breeds are great milkers.  That’s about all I know.  The Holstein part is the breed that most think of when thinking milk cow.

The cow on the far left is Elsie and the right is Debbie.

See if you can guess which calf Lil’ Bum picked out last time her and Mr. Bum went to buy calves.


If you guessed the Dalmatian white cow then you were right.

Here is an up close of mom Debbie and baby.


Another of Debbie. No offense to Elsie she just lurked on the outside.


Don’t forget to stop by on Monday for “Meet a Bum Monday” with a special 100th post contest.

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  1. LOVE the cow pictures! It was a beautiful day here, so we went for a ride to try to find some sheep photos. I didn’t find any sheep close to the roads, but I found some muddy cows. They were pretty though so I snapped away. I will post some soon.

  2. They are beautiful!

  3. […] animal ramblings.  Mr. Bum weaned the nurse calves Monday.  He actually milked one of the cows Tuesday evening.  He thought Lil’ Bum might […]

  4. how big do they get fully grown?

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