Meet a Mare Monday & Contest Time

This is a very special post.  Not only is this my 100th post, and my very first contest, but this post is also in celebration a very special time on our funny farm.

The arrival of these:

That’s right!  This is the time of year when our colts are born.  This little dandy was born last week to Mr. Bum’s parents.  Isn’t she a doll.

So, the first part of this post is “Meet a Mare Monday”.  You may want to pay close attention to some of the details you are about to read because they may aid you for part of the contest.

We have 3 mares that we share a home with.  They are so much a part of our family.

First we meet Stella.



Although she is the eldest of the bunch she is far from matriarch.  You see Stella is what you call a cremello colored horse.  Although she looks white she is actually a very pale yellow.  With her unusual color comes unusual eyes.  They look like crackled blue glass.  This is the reason for the mask.  Her eyes are sensitive to light.  We didn’t realize this at first and this is part of the reason that even though she is the oldest and the biggest she is lowest on the hierarchy.  She was always dependent on the others to lead her around which made her vulnerable.  Although her mask helps to protect her from the sunlight and improve her sight she is still content to stay low mare on the totem pole.

Now this next picture will have you feeling a little sympathy for poor Stella.


Notice the baby pushing on the side of her stomach.  It’s really creepy when it moves.

Now here is the important facts on Stella.
She is due April 14h.  This will be her 5th colt.  She has had all girls.

Second we have Peanut.


Ms. Peanut

She is 1 year younger than Stella.  I’ve often felt that she was Seeing Eye Horse for Stella before her mask.  She is the boss and I hate to admit she is my favorite.  All of our mares are beautiful but I think Peanut is Gorgeous.  Her long mane and blue eyes.

Check out this beautiful blue eye.


Important facts:
This will also be Peanut’s 5th colt.  The first was a girl and the last 3 have been boys. She is due around the 1st of May.

Last but now least, we have Snowball.


Okay, she’s not much for pictures so this is all I have.

Snowball is cremello like Stella.  She too seems to benefit from the fly mask, but as you can tell in this picture she needs a new one.  We actually obtained Snowball through a trade when she was just a weanling.  We had Peanut’s mom, Babydoll, who was a bit mean.   She was a doll to people but she didn’t care who was around when she decided to kick at another horse.   She was a bit dangerous.  Before we had Tex we paid for stud services elsewhere.  The family that owned the studs knew exactly how BabyDoll was (she had kicked the wall out of one of their stalls) so we traded.  It was for the best.  We no longer had a crazy horse that was constantly attacking Stella and the new owners knew exactly what they were getting.  Everyone was happy.
Sorry I went off a bit there.

Important facts:
She is due April 3rd.  This will be her 2nd colt.  The first was a girl.

I bet you wish I would quit rambling and get to the contest part.  Well here it is.  I hope your not dissappointed.

You may want to get a pencil and paper because your are going to have to work for this contest.  Just teasing.

To celebrate my 100th post I will be giving 1 of my awesome reader/friends 5 reusable Wal-Mart shopping totes and a Personally Embroidered Throw.  If you are the winner I will embroider whatever name you would like on your new throw, first name, family name, you decide.  If you win and your not a Wal-Mart shopper I will gladly substitute the shopping totes for something else.

 So what do you think?

 For a chance to win the prizes you must leave a comment on this post by Noon CST on Tuesday March 25th.  The winner will be chosen by random drawing.  Only one entry per person and the winner will be announced Tuesday evening.

For your entry to be valid it must include a few things.

1.  Your favorite post from thebarnbums

2.  3 color choices for your throw

3.  What day do you think the first colt will be born (April 3rd?  April 15?  Will it be a  girl or boy.  

The first is to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, the second is so the winner’s throw will compliment their home, and the third is for fun and also the person coming closest to the actual first birth without going over may just win a little prize of their own.

Go forth enter the contest and tell your friends.  Oh, and make sure I have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

Another cool contest that I know you will want to check out is over at WeAreThatFamily.  Kristen is having a week long Rodeo Rendevous.

Just an added note:  This contest is open to all,  whether your a regular reader or this is your first visit.  Join the fun.

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  1. Oooooh, this is SO much fun! First of all, your mares are gorgeous. You know more about them then I know about some of my relatives. I find that delightful since they seem nicer–than some of my relatives.

    I would love a throw with BARN red in it. You know in honor of the Barn Bums and because I like red. A lot.

    My favorite post is from a few weeks ago when one of the mares (Stella?) is giving the boy horse (I’m a city girl-TEX?) the evil eye because he knocked her up! Just loved it and am still laughing.

    And because I’m a gambling woman (not really, just always wanted to say that) I’m going with Snowball and I’m going to say she’s having another girl (mainly because that’s how I looked when I was carrying my girls).

    AND thanks so much for the link to my rodeo. You are the BEST.

  2. Yeah Kristen your number one. So what day do you think Snowball will have her baby?

  3. Definitely Snowball for the first baby to be born. Although, I don’t think we had to say who it was going to be to.. crap let me check lol. Whew, no I’m good lol. BUT.. I’m predicting that it’s going to be a boy. Looks like it’s about that time lol.

    My fave post was How to make a Man melt from last week. I’ve seen men go to mush when it comes to babies!

    I would definitely want mine a dark navy blue, to go with my drapes in the living room. *sigh* I so wish I knew how to do crafty things like that! 🙂

  4. Everyone is thinking Snowball, so I will say Stella. And I think this time it’s finally a boy.

    I like red 🙂 blues and greens and nice too. I am a primary color kind of girl.

    And my favorite post is… “The Battle Continues” (crickets)

  5. Happy 100th by the way…

  6. Ok, got your email saying I need to pick a date too, sorry! Ummm, April Fool’s Day, April 1, because you THINK it’s going to be another girl, but she is fooling you and it’s really a boy finally.

  7. This is so much fun! Ok. I think poor Stella is going to have her little one first on… April 13th. (That’s my dad’s bday). And I think she is finally going to get her little boy!

    I like Red, Green and Blue.

    My favorite post is…. I know you are going to think I am crazy…. Motherly Duties. LOL I like it because it makes me laugh and also because it really shows what lenghts we moms will go to for our kids! Close runner up is the cricket post.

    oooo oooo pick me ! pick me! LOL

  8. Sttteeeeeellllllaaaaaaa!!!! (Just cause I can’t help myself…)

  9. Look at you with your first contest. You’ve come so far my friend.

    Love the pics of the hourses. And love that the masks look like way cool sunglasses!!

    Ok…my favorite entry was the one when you talked about your “WOMANLY ISSUES.” Weird I know, but that’s when I realized we would be fast friends in real life. Anyone that can discuss her hoo-haa on her blog is someone that I can share anything with!!

    Blue throw cuz Shmoops is in the Air Force and they are all about blue!!

    And baby horse? April 8th – no idea why, just cuz.


  10. Just dropping by to say “Congrats on your 100th post!” and I love horses!!! YeeHaaaaa!

  11. doodaddy says:

    I liked the post about the Walmart people putting your bags in a plastic bag. Anything earthtoney. Sage? Chocolate? You know, that kind of thing. And it’ll be a boy on April 8th.

  12. I feel like a putz. I got to rambling, and forgot to put the date, which I really did pick but forgot to type.

    April 4th, Snowball, boy. There, all up to par!!

  13. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the invite 😛 Was a bit shy at first.

    My fave post would be this one cos I love horses. Can’t wait for the Meet the Colts post! 🙂

    Color choices? Tough one. Maybe earth tones like cream, tan and brown?

    And the first colt will def be Snowball’s. My guess is 1st April and it’s a boy! Yay!

    Good luck to all! 🙂

  14. Sorry about that. In my EXCITEMENT, I forgot the date. Let’s go with April Fool’s Day, April. 1st.

  15. Just stopped by to see how the blankets and horses are. I am amused at Tracy’s “Stelllaaaaaaa!” comment. When I hear Stella, I think Stella Parton. Shows what a hick I am eh?!

  16. considering this is my first visit to your blog (I will be back) this is my favorite so far LOVE the pictures…
    My thought is snowball on the 5th and a little boy:-)

    I am a green sort of gal all shades of green! I like blues too…but Greens are first choice.

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