And the Winner Is………………..

This has been fun.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Its funny to think of how lonely it was in the first week or so of blogging.  I was sharing and there was no one to accept it.  I had told family of the blog but they didn’t understand the concept, so it was me and my blog……….alone.  Then slowly one by one these amazing people started coming into my life.  I know you will all agree that the blogging community is great.

Okay.  I know.  Who won?





and the winner by way of Lil’ Bum drawing a tiny slip of paper out of a Valentine’s bowl is.



Congrats Doodaddy!!  If you’ve never been by his place for a visit I strongly suggest you go.  I thoroughly enjoy sharing in the lives of Doodaddy, Boobaby, and Working Mom.

I will email you soon regarding your prizes.

I have made note of everyones guess for the horse birthing.  It is closest to the date without going over.  If there is more than one person guessing the same date then we will go with gender.  If the date and gender are the same we will draw for the tie.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. We have accepted you. There is no going back now. You are one of us. Be afraid, be very afraid! (scary music starts playing right about there!)

    Oh, congrats to doodaddy 🙂

  2. I won! I thought I’d have to guess the birthday right for that!

    Well, thanky, in any case!

  3. Congrats Doodaddy! ANd Jess? You ain’t gettin away from us now! Your stuck with us! Mwahahahahaha!

  4. Yeah for him! I’ll go for the birthday prize now!

  5. Congrats to DooDaddy!

    Can’t wait to see the little colt born 🙂

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