Glutteny, Addiction & Windblown Hair

I am losing the battle on my weight.  I would desperately like to lose 15-20 pounds.  I would feel better, my knee would feel better and of course I would have a larger selection in my wardrobe. I just can’t………stop……………eating.  The nighttime eating has picked up a bit also.  Last night at about exactly 3:23 am Baby Bum woke up.  I made his bottle and after he was happily drinking away I returned to the kitchen for a CUPCAKE.  What’s even worse is that I took it back to bed and ate it with my back to Mr. Bum like I was doing something illegal.  The funny part is that in his lifetime as my boyfriend/fiance/husband he has never said anything by what I ate or weighed but I am so ashamed of my overeating that I try to hide it from him.  

As far as the addiction…well its all Tracy’s fault.   There that feels better.  The first step to recovery is blaming someone else.

You see  I have this savings/coupon addiction.  The adrenaline rush from getting $0.28 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats, saving $4 on trash bags and $5 on shampoo, free Excedrin and normally $10.49 packages of Pull-Ups for $7.   It is work though and it is a learned process.   I never had it before until Tracy shared her killer CVS deals.  In the last couple of weeks I have been obsessed with coupons and sales.  I guess maybe all the savings can go to support my other habit, Diet Dr. Pepper.  

If you guys come across any deals for Aquaphor Baby let me know.  That stuff costs $7-$8 dollars for 3oz and we use 1 of those a week on Baby Bum.  I do think we finally have a bit of a breakthrough on the allergies with a new detergent.  Time will tell.

See I told you it was bad.

Holy Mega Gusts Batman!  The wind is horrid.  The temperatures have been awesome but when you have 80 mile gusts it almost defeats the purpose.  Well maybe not.  80 mile gusts at 30 degrees is worse. 

I had to run an errand at noon and the combination of the wind and passing a semi actually made my windows seem to pop from pressure.

Still no colt yet but that is probably best.  The way the wind is blowing it could take 2 days for a new colt to get its feet under it after birth.  Have you ever watched a brand new long legged colt try to stand for the first time?  It is really pitiful.  A couple of years ago I was blessed with walking outside to witness the very last moments of Peanut giving birth.  The colt was 3/4 out and the bag was open.  Mother and foal were resting a bit.  I watched in amazement for a minute and then left them alone.  After 20 minutes or so I took Lil’ Bum out to see the new baby.  They have such a hard time at first learning to stand.  You just want to go pick them up and hold them there for a while.  

More animal ramblings.  Mr. Bum weaned the nurse calves Monday.  He actually milked one of the cows Tuesday evening.  He thought Lil’ Bum might enjoy making butter.  She accompanied him for the milking process so that someone could get help if he were kicked in the head for the experience. Last night he put the cream in a jar and started shaking.  Lil’ Bum joined in for about 2 seconds and Mr. Bum was left doing the work.  About an hour later he had made a whole 2 tbsp of butter.  It’s the thought that counts though.

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  1. Ok honey, number one, you gotta get over this guilt about eating in front of that man. If he isn’t saying anything about your weight or anything, he is a sweet loving husband, eat the freaking cupcake in FRONT of him! Smile with icing between your teeth. You will find the moment freeing, I assure you.
    I am a big girl now, once a skinny athletic girl (when he married me) and I assure you, he still sees the same me. A good man marries a heart, not a body. Eat the cupcake, then some Doritos, and some steak, and cheese, and pickles. And then go run against the wind for awhile, you’ll run it all off in no time!

  2. You are too funny. And you are not alone. I am also a late-night cupcake eater. And I HIDE it too. Oh. The shame. I’d love to lose the same 10-15. But between that and sweet tea, I’m just not motivated.

    Hoping that sweet Momma holds out for my date. If people had placed a gamble on when I would birth one of my punks, I’d have rebelled. So, please don’t let her know. There would be pressure.

    Loved your post today. Laughed. I needed to do that 😀

  3. Sweetheart, your measly 15-20 pounds can kiss my rear end!!! If I go with the standards for my height alone, I need to lose 100 lbs. I have been BMI’d with some kind of bone density thing-a-ma-jig, and that told me that I need to lose 70 to be ideal. I have been 10 pounds over that 70 in the past 5 years, and have looked.deathly.ill. Like, people were asking me what kind of treatments I was on that caused me to look so unwell.

    So, anyway, I’m looking to lose 70. Stay tuned, I might just post a kick ass shocker for all y’all, that will leave you no-way’ing to my comments section.

    He he.. I can just see you sitting there thinking of what a big mamma I must be.. but check my blog in the morning. 😀

    Save me a cupcake!!

  4. #1 – You look fabulous. If you want to lose 15-20 lbs to make yourself comfortable, ok. But remember that you look fab as you are!

    #2 – I am a late night eater but don’t hide it. I am notorious for waking up in the night with the kids and eating 1/2 of a pie. Or a whoile thing of cookies. Yuck. Cause then it just sits there in my stomach and goes straight to my hips.

    #3 – As long as you are getting good deals I will accept the blame! LOL Glad to see you are getting some deals. What is the Aquofor? (sp) I will look for coupons for you….

  5. Pam was right about husbands loving their wives just the way they are. It gets harder to lose the older you get. Not saying that you are old just saying that it gets harder. If you really want to lose I beleive you can do it. I loved the pics on flicker.

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