Happy April Fool’s Day

Maybe this says a little about me, but my mom found out she was pregnant on April Fool’s Day.  So what was your best fool today.  You know, I have only had one and it came from Baby Cheapskate.  They posted that diaper costs were rishing 10% in May.  I was furious and worried.  When I clicked the “Read More” section it informed you of the fool.

 I think I am finally getting over the sinus head cold thing.  My throat still hurts and I’m hoarse and I think I experience my first ever migraine last night but I survivied.

Lil’ Bum has an appointment for her 4 year vaccinations in an hour.  I am very nervous.  I think she will do okay but with the fear I have of needles my nerves are always on edge.

I think I’m finally figuring out the Walgreen’s shopping.  Baby Bum and I went on Sunday.  I had $26 in coupons, $20 in rebates and I got a $5 Register Reward.  I still spent $90.97 but I had alot.  I wish I had the receipt with me.  The better saving was on Monday.

 I realized that I should go back since my makeup, Loreal Bare Naturale, was on sale BOGO free.  I thought it would be a good idea to take my $5 RR and get the makeup.

I got $28.98 of makeup for $9.49 with my RR

I bought a 3.99 bottle of Advil Pm for $1.99 with coupon and got $3 RR in return.

I bought 3 Cascade and a Dawn for $10 and got $4 RR. 

I really should break things down better but you get the idea.  I love this coupon clipping and sale watching.  It is challenging and fun.  I feel like I am doing something good for my family.  It’s sort of like a hobby.

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  1. It was fairly quiet April Fool’s here. The only excitement occurred before school when I discovered my kids had salted my granola bar. They also pulled down my pants. I scolded them. But when I picked up my son he informed me that he’d told his teacher and class what his prank, including the color of my underwear. Yep, that’s a pretty exciting day around here.

  2. HA. I clicked on a link to get a CVS coupon and when I did it said “April Fool’s!” I had to laugh at myself cause I was all excited until I saw that!

    Check out my DD’s blog for the story of a “fool” she pulled on her best friend today! Very funny…

    I undertsand the rush of a good bargain! I think i am addicted to coupons….

  3. I wish I could get addicted to coupons. Especially in today’s economy. I do clip them though, just forget to use them.

    I rarely have my hair done by a professional, and when I do, it is to get it permed, or colored with 3 dyes. Chocolate on bottom, caramel on top, with vanilla highlights.

    The hair color I sport now is natural, with blonde streaking put in by T-Bone. Yup, T-Bone. I had him chunk my bangs, and streak the rest. I live on the edge by putting my hair in his hands, but I do it!

  4. I tagged you! If you have already done this one thats cool… but I don’t remember seeing it…

  5. THe coupons sound great. I wish we had a walgreens around here. You are doing great with them.

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