Fun with the Flu

Yesterday on the way home Baby Bum started vomiting.  I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve changed clothes.  At 1:30am I even had to change the bed because he projectile pooped on me & the bed.  He still vomited at 4:30a.  Please pray he stops & doesn’t dehydrate we’ve been going 12 hours.

I was able to catch up on some of your blogs yesterday but not all.  Hopefully sometime today.  I miss not reading about my blog friends.

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  1. So sorry for your baby Bum sickness. I hope you are able to stay on top of it and YOU stay healthy so you don’t get it. I thought the flu season had past, guess not. Watch out for the weather today, looks like it could get bumpy here! Can’t wait to see more pony pics in the near future, they are all so beautiful. Take care!

  2. Oh I hope he feels better! Take care of yourself! This is no fun at all, I know!

  3. Oh, bless your heart and his tummy. I said a prayer and I’m hoping he feels better. We had it too, but it didn’t last that long. But when they are so young . . . keep us updated.

  4. Oh, I feel so bad for kids when they throw up. No fun at all. I hope it’s at least passed by now and he starts to feel better.

  5. just another check on you hoping all is well. I am going to guess that it has been a little rough. I will check back in on you after my weekend outting, take care and I hope to find your family healthy soon!

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