Don’t give up on me!

I’m still here.  I may be a little tired and I may feel a little overwhelmed but I promise I will blog again.  These last several days have been crazy, stressful, exhausting and hard.

I guess it all started Wednesday on the way home.  Lil’ Bum was not happy when her brother spit up in the truck.  I just figured it was from a recent bottle but I soon learned it wasn’t.  When we walked inside I tried to set Baby Bum down so that I could change.  He was not having that.  With a frown and outstretched arms he protested and of course I picked him up.  Within 15 minutes the dry heaving started and continued for forever.  He couldn’t hold anything down for 12 hours.  The diarrhea started about 1:30am.  It was projectile.  Yeah, I know.

I wasn’t until after the vomiting had stopped that I realized everytime he prepared to throw up he nestled in the curve of my neck.  Let’s just say my neck didn’t smell of perfume for a couple of days.

We were lucky.  He never refused to drink.  He still has a bit of diarrhea but is better.  It was hard on Lil’ Bum as well.  She wanted to stay home with us but got bored really fast when her brother wouldn’t play and all I could do was catch vomit and hold him.  Thankfully her cousins stayed the weekend with MIL and they invited her over.  It was good for her to get out of the house and it helped me rest a bit.

I have found my peace with the passing of my grandpa.  Still a little shocked of the when and how but understanding better.  Less than 2 weeks ago he was diagnosed with cancer.  This is after a recent battle with leukemia.  He was hurting, he was scared, he was concerned for his family.  We knew it would happen soon but not Friday.  I tried to make sense of it all and finally came up with the best conclusion as I could.  Being a christian I believe that our God is loving, compassionate and forgiving and I believe that God welcomed him with open arms.  End of story.

Granny when you read this remember I love you and I am thinking about alot.

Mr. Baby Bum is 1 pound lighter but is getting better everyday.  I was so relieved Saturday morning when he rolled over in bed and smiled at me.  I had seen that smile in over 2 days.  He is still on a strick diet of soy formula, Braum’s plain yogurt and bananas but he doesn’t seem to mind.

You guys are awesome.  The comments and emails really helped my spirits.  Thank You!


Since I’m trying to catch up I’ll tell you about my Walgreen’s shopping.  First I must say that Mr. Bum has been the most wonderful husband through everything.  He was willing to drop all of his plans and take care of Baby Bum so that I might could go to Arkansas.  I just couldn’t leave my baby when I worried that he might be hospitalized.  Sunday instead of going turkey hunting he watched the kids to let me go to town.  ALONE.  I really am saving alot of money but I spend alot too.  I guess I need to have little transactions to make me feel better.  I spent $80 but I saved $66.79.  Not bad huh?

Today I went back and did even better.

Tran 1

20 oz DDP $1.39

Bandages  $1.69

Felt Glides$1.99  those things that go on the bottom of your chairs to prevent floor scratches.

I had 2 Register Rewards a free Dr Pepper coupon and $1 coupon for the bandages.  I paid $1.15 tax and all.

The second transaction was quite exciting.

$19.99 Crest Whitestrips

$2.39 Aveeno Lotion X 3

$3.99 Aveeno Soothing Baby Bath (which I seriously thought was only $2.49 but oh well)

So my total came to $31.15 before tax.  I then had $8.50 in coupons.

My grand total came to $25.51.  Not a bargain you say.  Well from this purchase I received 2 $10 Register Rewards toward my next purchase.  Better huh.

So officially I got $36.22 before tax worth of product for $6.66 including tax.


We had another colt Sunday.  Again, its a boy and he looks solid black.  I took pictures last night but was unable to post.  Oh, that reminds me of another thing my husband did.  Tomorrow I’m participating in a children’s consignment sale.  Last night I needed to cut out my tags and pin them on.  He cut out all my tags for me.  It made it go so much faster.

I promise to post cute colt pics soon and try to join the blog world again.

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  1. I feel so bad for the little guys when all they want to do is sit on your lap and throw up. It just doesn’t make any sense to them. Glad he smiled, though!

  2. I’m so glad things are getting better! We missed you here in Bloggy land and are happy to have you back in the saddle 😀

  3. Just took a chance and popped in to see if you had blogged. Very glad to know you are doing better, well better in the sense that you are dealing with things one little step at a time. I am happy to hear you have a new little colt, can’t wait to see the pics, but take your time. We will be here when you are ready. Get well wishes to your family and peace and rest to you.

  4. Glad to hear from you! I was hoping all was well. I see it wasn’t WELL but at least you and baby bum are ok now. Great going on the Walgreens!!!!!

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