Horses, Horses, everywhere!

The colts change so quickly.  Just last week he was a gangly little thing.  Now a handsome young man.


Here is our newest little guy.
Just wait! In a week he will be a soft and cuddly like his older brother.

I have to brag on myself.  Saturday as I looked out into the pasture (which I often do) I noticed Snowball’s gait.  Having experienced labor myself I was certain that her awkward strides were the result of hip seperation.  I was so certain of this that I announced to Mr. Bum and Mr. Bum’s Dad that Snowball would give birth no later than Monday morning.  I was right!  She gave birth after lunch on Sunday. I think once you birth one of your own you just know these things.

I spoke before about Stella and Snowball’s eyes being sensitive to light.  Well, Snowball’s mask became frayed so Mr. Bum removed it a couple of days before we got the new one. I snapped a shot of her pale NAKED eye.


Keep in mind when viewing the above picture that her pupil is actually black I just couldn’t fix the red eye completely.  The pupil is not what we are looking at anyway. Notice the very pale blue of her eye and the paleness of the flesh around her eye. Her hair is a very faint pale yellow.

Of course she now dones a knew mask, although not quite as cool as the old.
She doesn’t look like she has sunglasses anymore. The baby of course could care less about the mask he just wants her to stand still so he can get a drink.

And then we have Poor Poor Hormonal Peanut.  Peanut who is still very freaking pregnant and while the other girls are talking about how great it is to be able bite at that fly on their butt again and scratch their bellies with their back foot again, Peanut is cursing them under her breath. You see, there is a fly on her rump right now and she can’t reach it. Give this girl some sympathy you know she needs it.


This picture so makes me want to go get her a pedicure and a lots of treats.  We’re with you girl!


Mom here sporting her new mask and her new baby.

Another notable, not in a good way, thing that took place this weekend at the Bum Ranch was that Whitey took a dump…….

I bet you are wondering on this one. Who’s Whitey? What kind of dump are we talking? 


Well meet Whitey!

And the dump he took was his transmission going out. I just don’t get it. He only has about 240,000 miles on him doesn’t that mean he’s a spring chicken.  Oh wait, that makes him an old fart and I bet fart he did when he dumped.


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  1. Thanks for gracing me with your comments!

    I love horses, we used to have “team roping” horses and it was much fun but to much monies for an non-owning land owner KWIM?
    SO your family is so blessed!

    Dawn :0)

  2. You are too funny! I so wanted to see a picture of you painting that girl’s hooves! What a site! I just can’t imagine having those beautiful creatures in my YARD. They are just so gorgeous. Can you note the ENVY, here? It’s there, my friend.

  3. Beautiful pics of the ladies. Poor, poor Peanut! She needs a belly rub…. really she just needs to have that baby! LOL

  4. Can you use a Sharpie and DRAW sunglasses on the new mask? I think she’s lacking some coolness with the new one. And she might be made fun of by the other gals…

    Hallie 🙂

  5. Love the pics. Cute colts! 🙂 Poor poor Peanut! Hope she delivers soon. Could be this weekend!

  6. Oh I love seeing the babies. Brings back memories of days gone by. when you get a chace email me so I can ask you some specific questions if you have time. Take care and I am glad you are all doing better in the health department anyways. Hopefully no one else will share the vomit bug huh?! We missed the tornadoes here but have gotten 5.5 inches of rain!!!

  7. The colts are beautiful. Your grandpa died? My grandmas both died. Seems we have been going through similar stuff. Yours is the first blog I have read and commented on in weeks, I just finally sat down to catch up. Hope you are doing ok. Been thinking of ya.

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