High Pressure Sales

I was on cloud 9 all day yesterday.  Lil’ Bum was even excited about our upcoming shopping trip.  Before we left the house I hurriedly packed a bag for Baby Bum.  Mr. Bum was sure that they wouldn’t need one, but I knew it needed to be done just in case.

I was a little hesitant about leaving the house but I couldn’t miss the pre-sale.  Shoot, the whole reason I volunteered to work for 3 hours on Saturday was so that I could shop the pre-sale first.

There were only 3 volunteers there at 6:30pm to shop.  Although we were all shopping for different things the tension was thick.  Of course Lil’ Bum was oblivious to the the nervous glances we exchanged, to the nervousness in the room.  We were shopping like our lives depended on it.

Everyone’s stress level spiked with the first phone call.  A concerned husband with one message, “Come home now!”  More nervous glances and indecisive talk, ” Should we go or should we stay.”  We didn’t want to miss a deal.

The noise became so loud that you couldn’t hear yourself think.  One daughter paced nervously by the glass door.  I could tell Lil’ Bum was a bit unnerved by the noise but was easily calmed after she made sure she saw me.  I hurried.  It couldn’t have been that bad or Mr. Bum would have called.  As soon as that thought finished in my head my phone rang.  I jumped.  Another mother watched me as I answered, waiting to hear my response.  It was Mr. Bum.  He calmly informed me to finish up and be home in 30 minutes.

I’m sure you have figured out the cause of our tension but just in case you don’t I’ll quit drawing it out and get to the point.  Very shortly after we were allowed to begin to shop a concerned husband called to inform his family that there were tornado rotations traveling above our town.  When the worst of the first round hit the sound on the tin roof under which we shopped was unnerving.  I made sure to be home shortly after Mr. Bum called but we didn’t get much from the first storm.  There were some tornado damage yesterday evening and last night, some flooding, but more than anything wind damage.

Oh, and the bag I packed for Baby Bum was in case they had to get in the cellar.

We had storms all through the night.  I couldn’t sleep.  The wind and hail and rain worried me.  I turned on the tv about 2:30am with the volume slightly up so that a warning might wake me up.  Today it is peaceful but muddy and I’m still surprised I didn’t spend as much money as I had thought.  I always thought that high pressured sales caused you to spend more, not look as fast as you can and get the heck out of dodge.


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  1. Oh, how scary! I love Oklahoma, but all the tornados make me very afraid. I’m so glad you guys were okay and that you didn’t overspend!

  2. My goodness. I am glad y’all are all ok! I think we are about to get that bad weather here next! You are a braver woman than I to go shopping in the middle of a tornado scare! LOL

  3. Listen you rookies, a tornado will never keep us Okies from a good sale. Tornado ha, we laugh in its face. Sirens go off and what do we do???? run outside to see if we can really see it. Ok, no one ever said we were the sharpest pencils in the box. But we do know how to live it up!!!! I guess it is no different than the people in California with earth quakes huh? Or Florida with hurricanes. We just get use to it and life goes on. And are shocked if it actually hits us or affects us. Isn’t life great! Need more pics of the babies!

  4. The photo I just put up was taken on a NICE day in Oklahoma. Wishing you some of those soon. I thought of you when I posted it.

  5. Ummmm, hello out there? You doing ok?

    Saw a colt today and thought of you. He hid behind his momma though and I was helpless picture wise. It was also raining so I gave up pretty easy.

    Hope to see you saying hello tomorrow. You’ve been on my mind.

  6. Glad the storms didn’t affect you. The babies are soooo cute.

  7. Man, I don’t envy anyone who lives in tornado country. I find the prospect terrifying, actually. We have hurricanes in FL but with those you at least get plenty of warning. Glad ya’ll are okay.

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