I totally lost my stuff!

You too can probably recall such an time.  I can remember another time in the last few years that I’ve lost my stuff but it doesn’t happen often.

As you probably remember, a couple of weekends ago Baby Bum had a horrible stomach flu thing.  For 3 days he was completely attached to my side.  On a Saturday he was finally showing signs of improvement which included smiling between episodes of whining and shorts bouts of playing in between clawing to get in my lap.  This story takes place in one of those 5 minutes spurts of play. 

He decided to play so I decided to pee.  It was the first time in days that I had done this without a crying baby clinging to my clothing.  Its not easy pulling up your pants while your 9 month old is trying to climb your legs.  Anyway, I used the bathroom and I heard the cry.  I first thought that it was the cry of Baby Bum not wanting to play anymore and wondering where the heck his momma was but it became more intense.  I found him sobbing with his finger pinched in a cabinet door.  The door was light but his own weight was pushing it shut.  I picked him up to console him when I saw IT and that my friends is when I lost my stuff.

You know, sanity, reasoning, composure.  The ABILITY TO THINK AT ALL!  His little fat finger was squished.  Right above the top joint it looked to be pinched to 1/4 of an inch, the tip was white and his little nail was purple…….and he SCREAMED.  I completely forgot about all the times I smashed my fingers as a child and immediately thought, “Emergency Room”.  He’s almost pinched his finger off.  There is damage on the inside.  OH MY GAWD!!!!  MY BABY IS GOING TO LOSE HIS FINGERTIP!!!!

Yeah, my mind was gone.  Lucky for me my MIL was quickly on the line and bringing with her the reasoning and sanity that I had lost.  “Put something cold on it for swelling, it should go back to normal soon.  I just pinched my finger recently and it looked like that but cleared up quickly.”   Okay so I’m paraphrasing but these are the words that my frazzled mind heard.

Guess what!  He wouldn’t let me come near him with anything cold but in the few minutes I was talking to MIL on the phone the color came back, the dent filled in and the purple nail was gone.  He still cried but after rubbing some orajel his swollen little red finger he was soon asleep.

Oh, and I got my stuff back. 🙂

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  1. ouch… for you both

    hugs to BB

  2. Glad you got your stuff back. That’s such an unfair part of parenting–that they can get hurt.

  3. I lose my stuff-often. I’m glad you found yours. Welcome back:D

  4. Oh how sad. Glad you were able to recover and baby bum as well. It will be one of many more to come. Wait till they become teenagers and start to drive. It will make these times seem so little. So enjoy the time, pain and all, and we will be here for you even then….

  5. I become a “other person” like “detached” then later say, what did I just do? It’s weird..and I have to say a “blessing” when this happens. Because my dh “loses himself” BIG teddy that he is.

    After the reality of “it” stinks in, it’s after my child is back to normal, and then it’s my turn to “lose it”

    Glad all ten fingers and toes are back in shape..

    P.S. We are building a debt-free house! Very humbling and the correct answer was “purposely did my hair like M.Simpson” Will reveal answer shortly!
    Dawn :0)

  6. Oh, man! Poor Baby Bum. I have been where you were. Glad you got your “stuff” back! It’s scary when you aren’t sure what to do, isn’t it?

  7. HOLY COW. I would have FREAKED.

    My Bubbalu (16mo) fell down on a hard plastic toy in nursery this past Sunday and gave himself an upper frenulectomy.

    What is an upper frenulectomy? It is when a pediatrician or dentist separates that little piece of skin that connects your upper lip to your upper gums.

    Uh huh, it happened at church, and it was FREE. My tithe money working hard.

    All kidding aside, found your blog through That Family…being that I grew up in a dairy community I had to check you out 🙂

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