We are #44

I can tell by my diminishing blog stats that some of you have lost all faith in finding a new post here.  Things have been crazy here this week and I have had a hard time managing time to sit and post.

Things have indeed been crazy but in a good kind of way.  This week started the dance recital planning in full swing.  When I took dance class it was never this complicated.  Each class has a mom or two who volunteer to be “Dance Mom” and be responsible for things such as hiring dressers during the rehearsal and performance, snacks, games, show ribbons, clips etc.  Guess who volunteered for Lil’ Bum’s class this year.  ME!

I have to admit its not too bad.  I have a Co-Dance Mom and other very willing mothers.  So anyway, we had “Dance Moms” meeting Wednesday night and then last night we had dance and then I had a meeting at church.  Tonight we have a Family Fun Night with daycare and tomorrow we have a fair.  See all the crazy.

Where was I?  Oh, the complications of dance recital.  Today I received the covited dance recital info pack.  Inside was a list of rules, dates and your number in the draft.  Yes we have a draft at our dance school.  Your draft number tells you what time and day you are to pick up your recital tickets.  Your guaranteed 4.  I need 8.  I don’t know if I can get 8.  I’m a little nervous.

Our contest colt is having some problems.  It seems his knees are bothering him quit a bit.  FIL vet wasn’t sure what to do so we are having Friend vet come by hopefully today.  He seems to be in pain.  Mr. Bum put him and his mom up in a lot and the restricted movement seems to be helping.  I hope he can be helped and with as little pain as possible.

Peanut had the look this morning.   You know, the floating hip about to deliver look.  Hopefully her pregnancy misery will be over soon.

I appologize to all.  I probably haven’t read your blogs this week and it is not because I didn’t want to.  I will catch up with everyone and hopefully get back into a good routine soon.  Tonight they are supposed to have pony rides etc. so maybe I can get some cute pics.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I, with loyal, fathful and unswerving devotion, have perused your blog each day awaiting your return… sure you were fine but hoping everything was cool and you had not irretrievably lost some more stuff. LOL

    I am so glad my last 2 are boys and I don’t have to worry about dance and recitals and, and, and… etc. Done it once, it was cute, I’m done. LOL I am sure Lil Bum will be gorgeous and dance beautifully!

  2. glad you’re back. Bet you have an another foal on the ground this weekend. Can’t wait to see the pics of that one. Man, I forgot how busy being a mom can be, puts my grandma stuff to shame. Take care and enjoy!!!! Glad your back!

  3. Full moon tonight, I bet you get a foal soon!!! Just checking on you.

  4. I’m waiting!!!! Did you get that new foal this weekend? Hurry back.

  5. I’m with Tracy. My undying loyalty will NEVER falter. I will take all the cow fodder you can throw at me, even if it’s only occasionally. I will be waiting!

    Yes, the dance scene is a scary place.

    That poor colt, hurts me to think about it.

    So, glad to hear from you. I was just about to email, “Yoohooo, Mrs. Barnbum, are you home?”

  6. Yes, you’ll still have us reading and commenting when you have the time to get a post up. Sounds crazy. You’ll have to post pics of the kids dancing–that must be cute.

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