The Good, the Bad, & the Environmentally Friendly

The Bum family had a great weekend.  We started off with “Family Fun Night” hosted by the kids daycare.  Our daycare, along with 2others, rented a “children’s ranch” for all of their students.  There was about 5 different blow up, moon bouncey, type things to jump and slide on, a petting zoo, a huge swing located in an open barn, and a barrel train.  During the event they had hayrides and a magic show.  It was a great place to let the kids run and play within view because it was out in the country and secluded.  Baby Bum quietly took in all the sights while Lil’ Bum ran crazy.  I couldn’t get her to stop and eat so before we left I bought a hot dog and nachos.  Sure enough, as soon as we settled in the truck she was starving.

Our Saturday started off with more fun.  A local indian tribe hosted their annual children’s event.  It’s held in a big arena which is full of booths and activities.  Many child and family oriented groups host tables with little gifts and informative handouts for the children.  Our Department of Human Services hosts a book giveaway.  There 4-6 tables full of books, both new and used, and each child could take 2.  There was a baby doll diapering area which Lil’ Bum spotted immediately.  There were games, face painting, art areas and lots more neat stuff.  They had boxed lunches, snow cones, popcorn, cookies and the same animals were there that we saw on Friday night.

We left with many neat prizes although only a small part of the available goodies. ( I learned in the previous years that Lil’ Bum is just as pleased if we don’t get a goody from every single table)  Lil’ Bum’s favorite seems to be the books and the stampers.  We were all sporting pink giraffe stamps yesterday.  My favorite is the little bandaid case that I am keeping in my truck and the booster seat.  I’m still in shock but they were giving away Evenflo Rightfit booster seats.  All you had to do is have a child the appropriate size and fill out a form and you got your free seat.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  She and I have actually been talking about getting a booster.

The kids and I were pretty tired after all the fun so several long naps were had this weekend, but all in all it was great.


Now to the bad.

The vet was able to stop by on Friday and gave us a call with news on the colt.  Apparently because of some knee deformity he has ruptured his extensor tendons.  

It’s not uncommon for colts to be born with slight deformities that clear up within the first few weeks.  His knees should clear up and hopefully with restricted exercise his tendons can heal.  He said he has the worst case of ruptured tendons he has seen in a colt but he suggested we not put him down and give him 3 to 4 weeks.   He may need casts on his ankles to help his healing.

He has improved tremendously since Mr. Bum put them in a lot last week.  Since mom can’t walk off and graze he is able to do lots of resting and relaxing.  Stella is pretty upset about being confined but it is for the best.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed and send him lots of horsey prayers. 


Did you know tomorrow is Earth Day?  Do you have anything environmentally friendly planned to celebrate the day?  One thing that I started doing was to save my babyfood containers.  I guess I will take them to recycle.  It’s hard to not throw them in the trash but I am commited.  I also purchased a Brita water pitcher to cut out the gallon jugs we use when purchasing water for formula.  There is so much more I should do but baby steps…….baby steps.

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  1. Free Booster seats!? Wow, good deal!

    Sounds like you guys had SO much fun, I can’t wait for my little guy to enjoy fun weekend things like that.

    Horsey prayers coming your way…

  2. Sending horsey prayers…. sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this weekend! I wish I could get myself and the boys up and out to do some things like that. It just seems like too much work most days when I am by myself with them. sigh… Earth day? wow. ummm…. I don’t know what I do that is earth friendly! LOL I use my reusable grocery bags. And I grow veggies. And I try to reduce our waste although it doesn’t work so great! LOL I’ll have to think about something new to do…

  3. Glad to hear you had such a fun weekend. I had a colt with the knee issue and he came out of it fine. So yours will be just fine too, I just feel that. Thanks for stopping by today and catching up on my blogs and thank you for the nice comments. You are very sweet. I can not believe that full moon didn’t bring you a new foal. Isn’t it so exciting waiting for them?? Earth day? Mayb work in the yard? Plant flowers? Is that Earth Day stuff? Happy Monday!

  4. Oh, we got lots of horsey prayers to send your way. That makes my knees hurt. Can horsey’s have ibuprofin? It helps the aches and pains! Sounds like you guys had a fun family weekend!

  5. Sounds like a great time. That’s what I miss in the winter. Fall is my favorite b/c there seems to be so much family stuff to do outside. And baby steps are a big deal!

  6. I don’t know what I will do for earth day. But I have been saving cans for months!!! We got $52.00 for the cans. That made me feel good about recycling. My mom took a cell phone to the credit union where you can donate them to be recycled and also took plastic bags to Wal-mart to be recycled. Things like that help the earth.

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