Vehicular Catslaughter

Look at this loving face. 


 Okay, so maybe not much love in those eyes but there is the picture of a cat who knows that if he fails to catch a mouse his humans will give him a meal.  If not, he will sit at the back door and stalk them.  Staring up at them while they relax on the couch.  STARING PSYCHOTICALLY UNTIL THEY CRACK.

Tonight when I go out to feed him he will be completely oblivious to what I did last night.  I was quite possibly responsible for the death of a member of his fur family……..his kitty cousin.


Driving along, almost home.  I saw the cute little white cat.  First he turned as if to flee away from the road.  That’s when it happened.  I remember all too clearly.  There he was………..deer in the headlight kitty……………when he turned……………..and……………….ran……………into the road. 

I tried to stop really I did.  


I looked in the rearview mirror to see not kitty.

I was more upset than the owner.

This morning I looked but didn’t see him.  There still a chance he was a tough little kitty.

My Kitty will never know.

I hope?

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  1. Hopefully the kitty in the road will be alright, and is getting the attention he needs to get better!

    I always stop for animals, hubby thinks I’m insane, since more than once it’s almost caused an accident!

  2. Kitty might be ok. You never know…

    I ran over a kitty that darted in front of my car several years ago….in front of a bunch of little kids waiting for a school bus…they all cried…it was awful.

    I still feel bad all these years later…sigh


  3. Our dog survived a terrible ‘thump’ before our very eyes. He lived another 5 years after THE ACCIDENT. So, don’t give up hope. What’ worse than hitting a kitty? Hitting a skunk, ’cause they stay with you and the upholstery for a very long time.

  4. I think I have hit almost every animal possible to hit with a car. Well, not a moose. Or a cow. But I have hit just about everything else. And I always feel horrible. My hubby calls me animal killer. It makes me cry. But it’s funny too….

  5. My mom did this once to “LuLu’s” kitten. It was sad. I am not a cat person but it tugs at the heartstrings. Mostly when I see cats I want to sneeze.

  6. I was going to say that sucks, but I started laughing at Hallie’s comment. Cats are freakishly tough though. We’ve had some out here in the country that have actually ridden down the road in a neighbor’s car and then fallen out after the car got going fast. And lived. That was my point. And lived. Cool picture.

  7. Oh I am so sorry. I know we hate to see anything hurt or killed, especailly when it is done by us as an accident. We are the ones that suffer longer from it. Chin up, and hopefully all will be well. Any new foals yet???? Still waiting!

  8. poor kitty

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