Life at 4: So how do you explain……..

With the arrival of colts and spring also brings breeding season.  Although I don’t take the kids down to the breeding area “the deed” can still be seen from the house.  It has usually started and finished before it is noticed by a certain 4 year old but that wasn’t the case last weekend.

Thankfully I was in the house when Lil’ Bum asked her Memaw, “Why is Tex on top of her like that?”

MIL did a better job coming up with a quick and simple explanation but it never fails that your children will come up with something to embarrass the crap out of you.

I return to the swing set to be told by Lil’ Bum, “Tex climbed on her because he wants her to be his girlfriend, but he wants a  bunch of girlfriends, and boy horses, you know, they don’t smoke.”


I warned daycare the next day of what happened to ward off any, “What the heck are they showing that kid?”

Since we don’t smoke I’m seriously thinking that part came from a MGM cartoon.  You know, when the wolf chases the girl and off course cartoons back then contained smoking wolves.


Peanut still hasn’t given birth yet.  She is not due until next month but she ALWAYS goes 3 to 4 weeks early.

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  1. “boy horses, you know, they don’t smoke.” LOL LMAO… that is too good. The way these kids’ minds work is amazing. I wonder how she made that connection?

    Poor Peanut

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious. My kids think smoking is so bad. As a matter of fact, it’s a known fact in our house that if either one of them become President of the US, making it illegal will be their main agenda.

  3. That is funny! Smoking? Really? It’s so fun to hear what they come up with. And the part of having lots of girlfriends. Too good.

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