Time Flies

This week has gone by in a flash.  I can’t believe (and I’m so thankful) that tomorrow is Friday.

Everyone woke up with stuffy heads this morning.  Its no surprise.  It’s 30 degrees when you wake up and 80 when you get home.  The weather really plays heck on the sinuses.  The 80 mile an hour wind doesn’t help.  Maybe a little exaggeration but not too far off.

I took Baby Bum to the doctor for the 500th time for his eczema (I’m a little sarcastic today it seems).  They want him to take 5 medications and the doctor doesn’t want to do allergy tests until he is 3.  I trust our doctors opinion but I also think a mom knows best.  I do not think it is necessary or good to pump by 10 month old with so many meds unless of course it was life threatening.  None of the meds they have given him have made much difference so why try them all at once.  All that being said he has an appointment with a dermatologist Tuesday.  Hopefully they can help to get to the bottom of it all.

MIL had foot surgery on Monday and I’ve purposely kept the kids away from her this week.  Lil’ Bum just can’t help but be near her and I am scared to death that she will hit the surgery site.  I feel bad about not visiting but I would prefer her surgery heal and not be made worse.

We found out that my other grandfather probably has cancer in one of his kidneys.   They performed a catscan yesterday but were not able to see things well enough to remove the kidney yet.  Hopefully they’ll try again today and get that bad boy outta there.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the budgeting.  Everything was extremely helpful.  I am taking bits of everyones advice to use on our budget.  I’ll keep you all posted on our progress.

I had a couple of idiot moments this week and feel compelled to share in my stupidity.  You know how I mentioned we have a new colt and I took picture?  Well I forgot to put the memory card in and since there were only 6 pictures in the cameral I thought that there were duplicates.   Instead of realizing that I was scrolling through the short list fast I just knew they were duplicates and deleted every single one.

My second stupid moment for this weekend revolves around my taking synthetic thyroid hormone.  I ran out last week and didn’t feel it was that big of a deal.  Well yesterday when I was weepy, tired, having headaches and not thinking very clearly I just couldn’t figure out the problem.  Duh!

I picked up my refill yesterday afternoon and have been fine all day.

Short but interesting week.

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  1. It seems we just have those weeks…hang on; hang in and mostly hang out in HIS faith,mercy and love!

  2. I had the same kind of week. My hubby was busy with work and gone a lot. I do most of the kid stuff, but I had to do his share too. I’m pooped and heading to the dr tomorrow for a procedure. I’m actually glad to stay in bed and let him wait on me and take over the kid stuff!

    I hope you guys have a good weekend.

  3. Congrats on figuring out the budget thing.

    I have stupid spells, that last for months! So congrats on your out of it stage being so short.

  4. Hope you all get to feeling better soon so we can see pics of those new babies. Even some updated pictures of the babie. You just can’t beat a cute colt shot. Stupid moments??? Are you kidding, it seems my life is full of them! Oh well, makes life interesting huh? Take care!!!!

  5. Umm, yeah, it’s a big deal darling. Like, if you stop for long enough it could be life and death big deal not just weepy and tired. So glad you got it refilled. I am breathing easier now. phewwwwwwwww.

  6. I had to chuckle a bit at the tired-weepy thing and not figuring it out. I think I’ve had a similar week. Just today my 2 year old is not driving me absolutely insane. The past several days have been torture between the constant whining and the insatiable need to climb on absolutely everything. I’d be glad it was Friday too if that made a difference. Hopefully we’re coming out of it, whatever “it” is.

  7. we want pictures, we want pictures, we want pictures, we want pictures…We are going to keep chanting this in your computer till we see pictures of those beautiful new foals you have. We want pictures,we want pictures, we want pictures….ok, I’m tired.
    Kentucky Derby today!!!!!

  8. “synthetic thyroid hormone”…. don’t mess around with your meds, silly woman! Hope next week is better for you… I am exhausted from my week and will be posting updates soon. I think. mwuah!

  9. Hope you are doing ok!! Miss you….

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