Can You Believe?

Sorry for the long spell with no post.  Tuesday was looking pretty good with 2 posts in less than 24 hours but then physically I crashed.  This head cold, sinus, allergy thing finally kicked me in the butt.  I stayed home from work Wednesday.  It was bad enough that I stayed home and took the kids to daycare (that rarely happens).  Luckily with lots of rest and some antibiotics I seemed to have kicked it in the butt. 

Now for the can you believe part.  Can you believe that after months and months of red itchy skin and hundreds of dollars in doctor visits and prescriptions my little guy has a lily white belly?  He looks awesome.

If you would have told me this as I was leaving the dermatologist appointment I would not have believed you.  I was very discouraged by our visit but I was very wrong.  They told me at the appointment that, of course, he HAS eczema and there is nothing we can do to change it.  It is however caused from heredity and not food allergies.  The dermatologist agreed with everything that the pediatrician had tried but agreed that less was better.  Instead of Singulair and Allegra he told me to choose one.  Then he told me to give him Orapred for 5 days and they changed one of the creams we had tried to an ointment form and it worked.  Oh, another great thing about it all is that I have been feeding him everything and it doesn’t break him out.  I’m still in shock and apparently so was the doctor this morning when Mr. Bum took him in for a recheck.  They didn’t expect him to clear up so drastically.

So bottom line is we continue the Singulair and Aquaphor and just treat the outbreaks because they will happen.  I just sat and stared at his white little body yesterday evening.  It is beautiful and he hasn’t scratched in a few days.


This week will be filled with chaos.  The recital is Thursday and we have lots of rehearsals and I’m trying to recover my house from my week long “I feel horrible I’ll clean later” spell.  I scheduled to have Lil’ Bum’s hair curled for the dress rehearsal and recital but in keeping up the frugality I have been trying to do it myself.  Did I ever tell you I can’t fix hair?  Tonight we will attempt using her Memaw’s rollers.  Wish me luck.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I’ll try to not be so distant.

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  1. That’s awesome! The Boy is on Singular, and it has helped his skin issues as well. He still has some break outs, but we treat as needed. I know the feeling of joy when they are healthy!

    Good luck with all the dance stuff… and hair!

  2. We have lots of skin issues here and use Aquaphor like it’s water. I’m so glad he’s doing better because that can be rough!

    Have fun at the recital and post pictures!

  3. So glad Baby Bum is doing better and not itchy! I can’t fix hair to save my life, good luck. Post pictures of the recital if you can! And give your mom an extra big hug…. you need it!

  4. 🙂 So glad you were able to find something that worked! I know the skepticism that you felt, especially when you went from a million-and-one regimen, down to something so simple. I wouldn’t have believed it would work either!

    I have Jelly Rollers for my daughter’s hair, but hers is so fine that it takes a lot of patience to get it to do anything at all! But, summer time is closing in, so I think that I will be streaking it for her.. well.. streaking is kind of a strong word.. it’s more of a light highlight.

    Have fun at the recital!

  5. Ooh rollers, that brings me WAY back…

  6. yeah, things are looking up. You are a busy lady yourself and I hope you have been safe from the weather. Any new babies???

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