The birds & bees & tacky exes.

Now that everything is over I am in this strange sense of calm.  After the recital everything has died down.  Time to get back on track with blogging and blog reading.

So, I want to know what you all have to share.  A couple of weeks ago Mr. Bum shared with me that one of his ex flings called him at work to ask for his address.   The freaky thing was that she already knew our physical and mailing address.  She just wanted to know which one.  Now being that she was sort of a psycho he wasn’t cooperative until she explained that she wanted to sent him a graduation invitation from her son.  No biggy right????

Well I am not at all jealous but when the invitation arrived in the mail guess how it was addressed????

Mr. Barn Bum


Mr. and Mrs. Barn Bum

She knew we were married.  I can’t help but feel that was a little tacky.    I didn’t mind that it was coming because I knew she was just fishing for graduation gifts but seriously.  Wouldn’t any tactful person and included the wife.

What do you think?  Do you have a similar story to share?


Try to imagine this picture.  It’s a beautiful Saturday and your playing outside with your kids enjoying the pleasant weather.  You notice a bird land on the fence and show it to your daughter because she loves birds.  Soon another bird perches next to the first and you 4 year old is oohing and ahhing at how cute they are.  Then right before you and your child’s eyes they…..begin…..breeding.  Oh, the joys of spring.  Luckily she didn’t catch on to this one as she did the horses.  But they did it…………several times.  Completely threw me for a loop and I stood waiting for a question that I had no idea how I would answer.

I still can’t help but giggle when I think about how their love-making got cut short because a screaming 4 year old came racing at them in the attempt to CATCH one for a pet.  I’m sure that ruined the romance.

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  1. I don’t have a “tacky exes” story however I will share this:

    My dh and I walk into a very busy cafe in a big city and are about to sit down when the sister of his (long term girlfriend)ex shouts “OMG will you look who just walked in..” she was with the mom and the ex who looked as embrassed as I felt by this sisters remark.

    He (dh) waves and we go to sit down.
    He then looks at me and says I want to show off our son, excuse me. He picks up my first born and waltz over to them. I’m sitting there thinking..what do I do?
    Then I realize..he wants to show them what his life is about and what he has, ok trust him.
    I hear the ohs and ahs and then he comes back and says…there are some things that don’t change and they are one them. However, I am proud to have showed them what a wonderful wife I have whose given me something “she” could never give.
    Trust and a very beautiful baby boy. Then he leaned over and kissed me right in front of them!

    It was one of my favorite moments…in post-pardom and there was few and far between of those, ykwim?

    My suggestion: do whatever he ask and always give him your trust.If he decides you all should go, smile and go. Trust him and pray that you wil be a blessing to him!

    She will not will against the Lord…you and I both know this!

  2. No tacky ex stories. I am a big enough bitch that I think they are all scared of me. Ha!

    Birds and bees and horsies, oh my! **snort**

    I can just picture the look on your face as you are struggling to figure out what to say! LOL

    Poor birds. We were interrupted by toddlers the other day and thats bad enough! LOL

  3. Yes, that is tacky. I actually have a relative who does this to me! I’ve gotten used to it, but I still think it’s tacky.

    We were at the zoo one day and interrupted some giraffes. My kids are permanently scarred!

  4. I don’t think you should go nor send a gift. If someone is so thoughtless and rude as that, then they do not deserve your time nor gifts. I am not trying to be tacky to the boy that is graduating, but if HE really wanted your husband to be there, then he should have called and said, we would love to have you and your family come be a part of my celebration. Since that was not done, please do not feel that you need to reward poor behavior. You do not have to like everyone, we just need to treat everyone with respect. You could just send a card with well wishes. That would show you are thinking of him. Include a note that says you all are proud of him and thinking of him on his special day. If that is not enough for him, then oh well. And be sure to have your husband sign the card as well as you. Do not sign it Mr and Mrs. ….. But rather he signs his name and you sign yours. That will make it much more special. Then if you WANT and have an extra $10.00 send it, but you do not have extra cash, then please don’t feel bad about sending a card.

  5. Tacky ex stories? Oh, I so have one.

    The guy I was seeing (who happens to be the tacky ex) decided that he couldn’t handle one of my other exes who I was still friends with. He started stalking the ex ex. All of the time.

    He talked about him constantly, and when he happened to be in a vehicle and saw the old ex drive by, he would track him down.

    The ex ex got so tired of being tracked down, that when he stopped at a convenience store 2 towns over and found the ex had tailed him there, he got confrontational.

    The ex refused to roll down his window and explain his stalking, so the ex ex got mad and banged on the driver’s side window to the ex’s car. Busted it out.

    It was a nasty scene. I picked on the ex even while we were together about how he stalked this guy for no reason at all. The guy was just insane, well.. since this story is confusing, the guy I was seeing at the time was insane!

  6. It’s not just tacky, it’s totally weird. I hope you’re not even sending a card. Who tracks down an ex to send a grad invitation anyway? I don’t really have any stories. One “ex” (I didn’t realize we were dating) wanted to get married after we went to the movies once.

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