Guess who!


Gosh no!  It’s me.  The one who has abandoned her blog.  Man it is amazing how fast times flies when your mind in going at lightspeed.

Our trip to Arkansas was a good one.  At times a little stressful with the question, “Are we almost there?” asked so many times I lost count and an 11 month old screaming while pulling at his carseat.  I don’t see how those who travel often with their children do it.  My guess is that their kids ride better than mine.  I always wish our trips were longer but it is good to get back home.

Mr. Bum was off on vacation last week (eye roll and jealousy) and he kept Lil’ Bum home with him the last half of the week.  She had a ball.  Their first adventure was a family of skunks, or stunks as Lil’ Bum calls them, in our barn.  When the little guy and I got home Wednesday evening I was happy to find a sweet smelling family but we did have a stunk stinking truck. 

I think she could be a full time farm girl.  She always had stories to tell me but it absolutely tired her out.

Saturday was our big day of fun.  We left early in the morning and hit Target before going to my nephew’s birthday party.  He turned 3.  The kids played hard all day and when evening came Baby Bum headed back toward home with the in-laws while Mr. Bum and I took the girl to the  circus.  She was ecstatic.  I could hardly keep her in her seat.  I think I should start a circus of my own because that could definitely be where the money is with $9 popcorn and $7 cotton candy.  It was all worth it but I still reserve the right to fuss.

Mom had surgery last Tuesday.  They removed 2 lymph nodes.  One had a trace of cancer and the other was clear.  One more surgery for more lymph node removal and placement of a chemo port and then chemo.  Honestly she is handling things better than I am.  She is very positive.  I think think part of the reason that I am having the problems is that I am not there to witness the good attitude she has so I just worry.  Everything is really going for her.  Early detection and treatment.  I just hate she has to go through all this.

Today has been a dreary Monday.  It has poured rain since about 6am.  We did need the moisture but when you show up to work drenched it doesn’t make for a pleasant day.

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  1. Hang in there baby. I think your Mom will do well.
    I enjoy your blogging.

  2. I didn’t know that about your mom. I hope she’s feeling okay after that. Sounds scary, trust in God. Okay?

    As for the traveling? It stinks on our end. We did a little weekend trip and my toddler spent 3/4 of the time in the car-crying. My other two have always traveled well, so this is new for us. And it totally sucks. If I do say so!

  3. So happy to hear from you. Sorry your mom is going through this pain and suffering, but just keep your faith and strength up to think positive thoughts.
    I can remember traveling with my kids and sometimes I considered leaving a car seat with a screaming kid in it on the side of the road. Thank goodness I did not follow through with my thoughts!!!! I think the rain is gone for a couple days…MAYBE!

  4. Well hello you. Glad mom’s done with this phase, we continue to pray the next parts go well.
    We traveled from day one with The Boy, and he never had trouble BUT, he’s one kid, not two in the backseat. Now he just reads most of the way and this last trip he had his own digital camera so that kept him busy. He’s his mom’s kid ya know 😉
    I am so glad to hear from you and see you writing. I miss you when you are gone. Hope things slow a bit and the skunks don’t stink up life too bad!

  5. Good luck to your mom.

    I have one excellent traveler and one so-so traveler. My first (thank god b/c we made many 1100 mile trips) loved it so much that he’d be mad when we got to our destination, woke up the next morning, and didn’t get in the car. My youngest, not so much.

  6. Hoping your Mom remains optimistic and heals in full!

    Glad to hear someone else besides Seattle has rain. We are starting to call it “junuary”. And that is just SAD 😦

  7. My boys do ok traveling. Now. When Braeden was littler he HATED his car seat and spent every second he was in it screaming. I love my dvd player in the van. It rocks.

    Glad to hear from you. Hang in there. I have a feeling your mom will be just fine.

  8. Just checking on you, hoping you are having some peacefilled time this week. Take care friend and catch us up to speed soon.

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