Rollin’ with Sissy

They always want to do what the big kids do. 


Baby Bum has discovered the wonder that is Hot Wheels and lucky for us Lil’ Bum has become a much better driver.
He has also learned to mimic everything like jumping on the bed, trying to turn the door knob and coloring. He is changing so fast. He will turn 1 this Saturday.

Lil’ Bum also wants to do what the big kids do. Her’s is just on a larger scale. At church the children are older by 4+ years and she adores them. I have a hard time letting her go.

She is developing a little sass.


The family is doing well considering. I’ve not had to deal with mortality on this level before and realize that I avoid thinking at times. My Papaw had surgery this morning to remove a blood clot and tumor from the back part of his brain. As much as I hate to talk about it, it finally hit me that he might not have come through. It was a very risky surgery.
He did in fact make it through and so far appears not to have suffered damage. Just pain.

This morning when I spoke with him a couldn’t help but worry it would be the last. I really have taken for grantide that they will all be there. I never imagined that Ray would leave us when he did. I believed I still had time. I was avoiding the sickness, the fact that the end was near. I was too late. I now know I have a problem.

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  1. I have the same problem, I do not like dealing with those issues at all. It is just too hard, the heart hurts too much. I so understand what you are saying. The kids on the other hand are adorable and look like they are having a lot of fun. Is that a stuffed bob cat behind your daughter in the attitude picture? Or a real one? Or a pet cat? Have a great day and get some pictures of the colts!!!! Would love to see them all.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the kids. It hardly seems fair all you’ve had on your plate lately. I know it’s overwhelming you. I look at these perfect little ones though and just think, find peace there somehow. When nothing else makes sense, look at them and try hard to simply focus. You are as always in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. What fabulous pics of the kids! They are absolutely gorgeous. Mal is immitating everything his brother does too. So much fun.

    Baby Bum is turning 1?? Wow! This coming up Saturday? Bet you are gonna cry! (I did…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone!) Our babies are gettin’ all growed up!

  4. Gosh, they are so cute!!!

  5. I am also an avoidance of serious stuff. It is SO hard to know what to say that I usually end up saying nothing. Which isn’t good. I’ve heard the best thing to say is “i don’t know what to say”.

    I am praying for healing for your Papaw

  6. Mortality is scary as shit. Bottom line. Some handle it better than others. As someone who has been thru three major losses in 10 years (father, first husband and sister) I wish I could say I am a pro, but anytime something bad happens, I suck just at much at dealing as I did the first time.
    ** hugs **

    Wine helps, btw. And chocolate. * teases gently *

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