Where has the time gone?

This past Saturday officially marked the one year anniversary of my giving birth to Baby Bum.  Delivering him was a piece of cake compared to his sister.  With Lil’ Bum I went into the hospital with so many expectations of a drug free, peaceful birth, which opened myself up for disappointment when things didn’t go as planned.  I was positive for strep which isn’t good when your water has been broken for 12+ hours and the end is nowhere in sight.  In the end she came without complications.

When I entered the hospital to birth Baby Bum, I had no written plan.  My mental plan was to go with the flow and do what I felt was best.  It was awesome.  No guilt for not following through, no dissappointment and man did he come out alot faster.


He has changed so much over this last year but the last month seems to have been overflowing with memorable moments.  Just yesterday I caught him on top of his sister’s captain’s bed and then again this morning.  He has taken notice of animals over the last two weeks.  We have a poster of pigs in our church’s nursery and the calf picture for June of Ree’s calendar are his favorites. 

He has no use for baby food anymore and feel certain that if you are eating so should he.  The only problem with that is he has a very weak off button.

Although he doesn’t say much right now he has a definite way of communicating.  Mostly grunts and screams! but I guess it works.  He off course says Mama and yesterday when I was telling him not to bite me it sounded as if he was saying, “Mama bi”.  My poor right shoulder look like I was attacked by a Chihuahua.  I have to figure out how to get a handle on that.

Happy Birthday Buddy Buddy Poo Pie!

I will add a picture or two to this post when I am able but until then you can check out the latest at Flickr.

My family is doing okay right now considering.  I’ll post details on another post.

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  1. Happy Birthday little guy.

    Glad to see you are back and all seems to be well. I will go check out your pictures. Glad to hear that your family is doing well too. Take care.

  2. Happy birthday to your little guy! I can’t believe mine is 2 1/2. He talks and does all this stuff by himself–like pee in the potty. How did all this happen?!

    Glad to ‘see’ you again here.

  3. Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Bum!

  4. Happy 1 year! So much fun ahead of you… Glad to see you back Jessica! Hang in there.

  5. Happy Birthday little guy. What’s his favorite animal? Maybe I can post him a photo?

  6. Ican’t believe He is already one. Time really flies by. He is such a adorable little man.

  7. Awww, it’s a HUGE milestone, for him and for you too!

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