Little Man/Big Weekend

We all had a very big weekend.  Baby Bum more than others because it all centered around him.  The festivities started with a little play time with Sissy and some spin dancing(spinning in circles until you are dizzy and laughing hysterically as you fall).  Later in the evening on Friday my family arrived.  The kids did much playing until around 11pm.

There is one definite difference in these girls. K wakes up with a smile on her face while Lil’ Bum cries because her sleep has been disturbed.



The first big moment of our weekend celebrations was Baby Bum’s birthday party.  His Nona made him a cute little turtle out of cupcakes which he devoured.  I think by the time it was all over he had eaten 3 cupcakes of the 6.


Then the kids enjoyed a little pool time.


On Sunday our family gathered to witness in Baby Bum’s baptism.

He was pretty hard to contain until the actual moment of the baptism when he became extremely calm……………for about 20 seconds and the moment was over.  He Wanted Down!



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  1. Love the pics!! And the LITTLE MAN/BIG WEEKEND title. Your kiddo is simply adorable. And man, can he eat cake!!

    Hallie 🙂

  2. Great pics… and what a weekend! Some big steps for the little man!

  3. Adorable pictures. Baby bum had a really big weekend. You could tell he really liked the cake.

  4. Oh, how sweet and special. You seem to be pretty blessed with precious children. And you seem to stay pretty busy as well. Have a great holiday, stay safe and pray that I don’t rained out on my big shindig…
    take care of that lovely family!

  5. Cute pix!

  6. May God continue to bless this beautiful boy 🙂

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