Tomato Talk

A couple of weeks ago at a prayer class all the children were asked to share a prayer request and choose a child to pray for it.  When Lil’ Bum was asked to share she asked that an older boy, J, pray that I would fix her tomatoes because I never buy tomatoes. 🙂

Well, we did plant tomatoes several weeks ago but I don’t think we can rely on our two plants to produce any juicy tomatoes this year.


Can you guess what happened to our tomato plants?


I couldn’t bring myself to squash him. The mess would have been horrible. My plan was to take him somewhere far away the next day but the cup he was in blew over and…..well………I think I know what Kitty had for dinner that night.


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  1. ewwwwww! My tomatoe plants are whithering and dying with no signs of icky bugs. I really am confused as to what happened to them! Hopefully Lil Bum gets her tomatoes one day! LOL

  2. Our plants begged for a life jacket, but before we could find any their size they drowned. No mators there. Darn it! That was one big worm, healthy looking rascal huh? Happy 4th tomorrow.

  3. My child would pray about tomatoes. That is hilarious. The Boy and The Girl both love tomatoes here. In fact, we have to like order a PLATE of them at Olive Garden, not just “extra” on the salad or there is never enough for the two of them to share. I love this post.

  4. LOL! That’s why cats are sooo awesome!

  5. That’s a very real prayer request! I know God cares!

    We planted some too, but the squirrels ruined them. And my cat? She’s a sissy.

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