Attention Target Shopper

With all the talk of Target going on I thought I would add my story.  This story is not of coupon woes but of shrieking babies.

You see, the nearest Target to me is about 1 hour away so getting to bargain shop there is quite a treat.   Last week I made plans to drive up to that city to do some bargain shopping and pick up Lil’ Bum from a stay with her cousins.  I was ecstatic. 


I think that is the first time I have admitted to being excited to shop.  Bargain shopping rocks.

So…anyway…I had been planning days in advance organizing and printing coupons.  Making lists and then remaking them.  I had 2 envelopes:  1 non-grocery and 1 grocery.  I even took an ice chest so that I might get food.


I wasn’t prepared for the way my son decided to act about 5 minutes after we walked in the door.

A quick run through of the clearanced clothing and on to diapers.  That is when it all fell apart.  Baby Bum decided that that day was not the one that he wanted to sit in the buggy.  He wanted down and he knows how to throw his weight around.

I grabbed diapers and wipes and headed to personal care items.  I finally gave up and put him down.  He stayed semi-calm playing with bottles of mouth wash but I was constantly picking them up off the floor and putting them back into the basket…………………………….only to pick them up again.

On to the next isle.  That is when I realized he had pooped.  Big time. 

If I could only hurry and change him outside.

The next 15 minutes were somewhat of a blur.  It involved my son shrieking and fighting as I try to juggle coupons and find products.  I couldn’t just leave and come back later.  It could be a month.

I tried putting him down again  as I searched shelves but the small bottles of mouthwash on the floor turned into big boxes of dog treats.

I desperately wanted to search for groceries but it was hard to put things into the buggy and still keep Baby Bum from falling over the side..  I tried toys, I tried singing, I tried crackers.  Nothing work.

 Hey lady in Target that scoffed me ( yeah I heard you).  Guess who!  It’s me, you know, THAT woman.  THAT woman with THAT shrieking baby who threw his Goldfish on the floor and his mother didn’t pick them all up.  I heard you tell you male shopping buddy, “She’s just going to leave them.”  I did.  Not one of my proudest moments but I felt helpless.  Had I bent down to pick them up he would have fallen from the buggy (he’s tricky like that) and had I put him down on the ground to pick them up I wouldn’t have been able to collect Goldfish for picking up the merchandise that would have been pulled from the shelves.  Let me add that your comment made me feel even worse than I already did.  Thanks

I finally gave up and headed to the check-out with my screaming 1 year old bouncing up and down in the seat.  After I had found what looked like a really nice cashier ( I had a ton of coupons) I realized that the coupon envelope that I had planned to use………………..WAS…………………GONE.  Almost $50 in coupons……………GONE.

At this point I could have cried.  I was disappointed, embarrassed and exhausted.  Luckily as we backtracked our steps we came upon the envelope with not one coupon missing. 

Back at checkout my cashier ROCKED!  She scanned all of my coupons no problem and I left having saved a ton of money.  I didn’t exactly have everything I had planned to get but we were all in one piece.  At least physically………….my mind was gone.

I did learn one valuable tool for frugal living, “Take your son shopping with you when he’s not in the mood.”  You will definitely spend less and you’ll get a good workout.  The only downfall would be that you will probably not just lose weight but also brain cells. 🙂

Sorry Target employees who had to sweep up my Goldfish!  I was not having a good day.

See Tracy, you are most definitely not alone.

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  1. You should have picked up a handful of the GF’s on the floor and whipped them at that lady.


  2. LOL…I feel like you had “my day”…hey I’m also an hour from that store, we may just be neighbors!

    I wish I knew how to “coupon it” seems I’m always rushing out without them!

  3. Isn’t it FUN shopping with the kids??? LOL I am soooo THAT mom with THOSE kids… I feel for you. I think I am going to make up little notes to hand to people that say something along the lines of “If it’s so easy… YOU do it! Take my kids shopping with you! And then I can point and laugh at you!” Ha.

    Glad you got SOME shopping done! I feel crazy. I have not hit CVS this week at all and Walmart has not had any of the products I want! Yuck.

  4. Sorry you had one of THOSE days. I know it is only one of many more to come. I have forgotten how hard it is to shop with kids. Now with the grandkids I can’t even seem to get out of the house to go shopping. Little one is attached to me at the hip. Will not let grandpa do anything with or for her. Just grandma! First day was cute, that’s it, no more cute! So I will try to have more patience with momma’s like you in the store from now on!!! I promise!

  5. I’m with Hallie. How about instead of being so rude, she helps you? Crazy idea. At least you can be comforted by the fact that all those mothers in the store who didn’t even look your way weren’t phased in the least b/c they’ve been there.

  6. funny, I was in Target last weekend and there was a trail of goldfish behind us! lol

    Great blog! 🙂

  7. This is fantastic! I’ve had many a trips to stores where my son and daughter have done the same thing. It’s so much more enjoyable to go shopping with out them. But you are so right, about getting a work out in and spending less money!!!

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