99, 100, 101 +++

No, we are not practicing our counting skills, that my friends has been what our temperature has been ranging this week.  No rain in sight and not much of a breeze.  We ALWAYS have wind except when its so hot that you start sweeting 0.2 seconds after setting foot outside.

The horses seem to be taking it pretty well.  Can you call it the “Horse Days of Summer”?

Just in case you do notice. The little guy did get cut and it looks so much better than it did in this picture.

Baby Bum has been handling the heat pretty well.

On the other hand, he has not handle his Big Sis being gone. He has had so many tantrums this week that I can only think it has to do with her being gone.

Lil’ Bum is still in Florida. They are supposed to return to Arkansas on Saturday and we will pick her up in Texas on Sunday. She has been having a blast but I think homesickness has set in.

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  1. Yes, the temps are horrible, but this is Oklahoma huh? We stay in during the afternoons, the dogs can come and go with a doggie door, but they stay in mostly as well. Man the colt does look like he has a pretty good ouchie, do you know what happened? Those little ones can find anything to get hurt on, been there done that! Two of our boys left last Saturday, went back to the trainer. He is going to ride them for a couple weeks and has a potential buyer. As I really don’t want to sell them, I just can not keep them any longer. We are spending so much money on them and not riding or doing anything with them. That is just not reasonable. We had hoped to buy land when we retied and moved, but that did not happen. And a retirement income is just not that great. So hard decisions have to be made. Enjoy your time while the girls are gone playing, stay cool, and thanks for sharing your pics I really do enjoy them!

  2. The baby looks like he’s having fun with the water. He’s so cute!

  3. Can I tell you that the babe pic is my new favorite? The leg rolls kill me!!

    That kid is freakin adorable!!


  4. I bet she’s having a blast! But that’s a long time away from Mommy! Your son is so cute and he has my toddler’s figure!

  5. Oh my gosh, all those rolls! Just flipping adorable. Just want to eat him up. Oh, I am about to go through the same thing when my daughter (6yrs.) goes back to school in less than 2 weeks. The little guy (19 mo. ) is not going to be happy.

  6. Ooooh, those thighs. I want to squish them.

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