Pre-K Princess


Lil’ Bum started Pre-K yesterday. She loves it but she’s exhausted. Tonight was the first night that I can ever remember that she went to bed with no fight. Not a peep. Sound asleep.

I haven’t read your blogs in forever. There never seems to be any time. I can’t read at work anymore because they put up a new firewall. At home I barely have time to sit down. Our new schedule now that school has started is even worse. We leave before 7am and get home after 5pm. Then there is dinner, baths, and bed. Then I have cleaning, laundry etc. Needless to say I go to bed exhausted and bitter. This is not how I wanted motherhood to be. I want to pick them up from school and be able to have time to play. I have big goals to maybe do that by next summer. I just have to get Mr. Bum in agreement. Right now I have my mind set on saving and becoming debt free. He has his mind more on buying tractors etc.

I hope to catch up with you all soon and try to post more often.

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  1. You neglect us yet we come back….we are really good people!!

    Hallie 🙂

  2. She looks like such a big girl. She’s beautiful. Last year I quit work to be at home with my kids. Good luck with your plans!

  3. I admire your goal, it is a really good one. I bet you will achieve it too. Good luck!

  4. She looks so excited and cute. Glad everything went well. Hopefully you can get an easier routine.

  5. HUGS to you. Fight the bitterness. Try to embrace what you have until you can make it what you want. I know. Easier said than done. Lil Bum looks adorable and sooooo grown up. Miss you! Take care of yourself!

  6. Such a pretty young lady 🙂

  7. I haven’t read much of your blog yet but just the mention of your husband buying tractors made me feel like you are a kindred spirit…lol I know the feeling..the pain…the hatred for farm machinery…lol

    Since school started our home has been pure chaos. I hate it. School and then my boys are in peewee football. WE are youth leaders at church so that is crammed in there when I need to tackle my mounds of laundry and dirty dishes. There are not enough hours in the day.

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