Paws at Peace


These muddy prints have always been sort of a nuisance in my eyes, but last night they meant so much. As I swept the porch I realized that once those wash away they will not be replaced. They were so much more important to me then than ever before.


Sunday afternoon, Mr. Bum took this picture. He thought she looked cute. Sunday evening he sat in the grass with her and tried to comfort her as she had a seizure.

Monday morning I made the call to end her life. It was horrible and a relief. The feeling that you decided when something died and the relief of not having to wonder if she hurt or how it would end. Off and on I was weepy until last night. After everyone was asleep I went to the yard to throw away those nasty urine stained beds. As much as I hated those things it killed me to think they would not be replaced. I sat outside and cried.

Rest in Peace Micah!  18 years

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Horses, Horses, everywhere!

The colts change so quickly.  Just last week he was a gangly little thing.  Now a handsome young man.


Here is our newest little guy.
Just wait! In a week he will be a soft and cuddly like his older brother.

I have to brag on myself.  Saturday as I looked out into the pasture (which I often do) I noticed Snowball’s gait.  Having experienced labor myself I was certain that her awkward strides were the result of hip seperation.  I was so certain of this that I announced to Mr. Bum and Mr. Bum’s Dad that Snowball would give birth no later than Monday morning.  I was right!  She gave birth after lunch on Sunday. I think once you birth one of your own you just know these things.

I spoke before about Stella and Snowball’s eyes being sensitive to light.  Well, Snowball’s mask became frayed so Mr. Bum removed it a couple of days before we got the new one. I snapped a shot of her pale NAKED eye.


Keep in mind when viewing the above picture that her pupil is actually black I just couldn’t fix the red eye completely.  The pupil is not what we are looking at anyway. Notice the very pale blue of her eye and the paleness of the flesh around her eye. Her hair is a very faint pale yellow.

Of course she now dones a knew mask, although not quite as cool as the old.
She doesn’t look like she has sunglasses anymore. The baby of course could care less about the mask he just wants her to stand still so he can get a drink.

And then we have Poor Poor Hormonal Peanut.  Peanut who is still very freaking pregnant and while the other girls are talking about how great it is to be able bite at that fly on their butt again and scratch their bellies with their back foot again, Peanut is cursing them under her breath. You see, there is a fly on her rump right now and she can’t reach it. Give this girl some sympathy you know she needs it.


This picture so makes me want to go get her a pedicure and a lots of treats.  We’re with you girl!


Mom here sporting her new mask and her new baby.

Another notable, not in a good way, thing that took place this weekend at the Bum Ranch was that Whitey took a dump…….

I bet you are wondering on this one. Who’s Whitey? What kind of dump are we talking? 


Well meet Whitey!

And the dump he took was his transmission going out. I just don’t get it. He only has about 240,000 miles on him doesn’t that mean he’s a spring chicken.  Oh wait, that makes him an old fart and I bet fart he did when he dumped.


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Wehadababyitsa ?

We woke up this morning to one of the most amazing sites. 


A brand spanking new little colt. Yeah!

Isn’t IT beautiful.

As far as the contest goes I’m sorry to say that I must add to the suspense a little longer. She wants her privacy right now and we just can’t see the gender.

I bet before the days over we will get a peak.

I can tell you this though. There are 3 people in the running with April 1st predictions.
We have
Pam guessing boy
Kristen guessing girl
BunnyB guessing boy

Once we learn the gender we will either have a winner or need to perform a drawing. I’ll keep you posted and sorry I still haven’t decided on the prize but i have something in mind.

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Glutteny, Addiction & Windblown Hair

I am losing the battle on my weight.  I would desperately like to lose 15-20 pounds.  I would feel better, my knee would feel better and of course I would have a larger selection in my wardrobe. I just can’t………stop……………eating.  The nighttime eating has picked up a bit also.  Last night at about exactly 3:23 am Baby Bum woke up.  I made his bottle and after he was happily drinking away I returned to the kitchen for a CUPCAKE.  What’s even worse is that I took it back to bed and ate it with my back to Mr. Bum like I was doing something illegal.  The funny part is that in his lifetime as my boyfriend/fiance/husband he has never said anything by what I ate or weighed but I am so ashamed of my overeating that I try to hide it from him.  

As far as the addiction…well its all Tracy’s fault.   There that feels better.  The first step to recovery is blaming someone else.

You see  I have this savings/coupon addiction.  The adrenaline rush from getting $0.28 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats, saving $4 on trash bags and $5 on shampoo, free Excedrin and normally $10.49 packages of Pull-Ups for $7.   It is work though and it is a learned process.   I never had it before until Tracy shared her killer CVS deals.  In the last couple of weeks I have been obsessed with coupons and sales.  I guess maybe all the savings can go to support my other habit, Diet Dr. Pepper.  

If you guys come across any deals for Aquaphor Baby let me know.  That stuff costs $7-$8 dollars for 3oz and we use 1 of those a week on Baby Bum.  I do think we finally have a bit of a breakthrough on the allergies with a new detergent.  Time will tell.

See I told you it was bad.

Holy Mega Gusts Batman!  The wind is horrid.  The temperatures have been awesome but when you have 80 mile gusts it almost defeats the purpose.  Well maybe not.  80 mile gusts at 30 degrees is worse. 

I had to run an errand at noon and the combination of the wind and passing a semi actually made my windows seem to pop from pressure.

Still no colt yet but that is probably best.  The way the wind is blowing it could take 2 days for a new colt to get its feet under it after birth.  Have you ever watched a brand new long legged colt try to stand for the first time?  It is really pitiful.  A couple of years ago I was blessed with walking outside to witness the very last moments of Peanut giving birth.  The colt was 3/4 out and the bag was open.  Mother and foal were resting a bit.  I watched in amazement for a minute and then left them alone.  After 20 minutes or so I took Lil’ Bum out to see the new baby.  They have such a hard time at first learning to stand.  You just want to go pick them up and hold them there for a while.  

More animal ramblings.  Mr. Bum weaned the nurse calves Monday.  He actually milked one of the cows Tuesday evening.  He thought Lil’ Bum might enjoy making butter.  She accompanied him for the milking process so that someone could get help if he were kicked in the head for the experience. Last night he put the cream in a jar and started shaking.  Lil’ Bum joined in for about 2 seconds and Mr. Bum was left doing the work.  About an hour later he had made a whole 2 tbsp of butter.  It’s the thought that counts though.

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Meet a Mare Monday & Contest Time

This is a very special post.  Not only is this my 100th post, and my very first contest, but this post is also in celebration a very special time on our funny farm.

The arrival of these:

That’s right!  This is the time of year when our colts are born.  This little dandy was born last week to Mr. Bum’s parents.  Isn’t she a doll.

So, the first part of this post is “Meet a Mare Monday”.  You may want to pay close attention to some of the details you are about to read because they may aid you for part of the contest.

We have 3 mares that we share a home with.  They are so much a part of our family.

First we meet Stella.



Although she is the eldest of the bunch she is far from matriarch.  You see Stella is what you call a cremello colored horse.  Although she looks white she is actually a very pale yellow.  With her unusual color comes unusual eyes.  They look like crackled blue glass.  This is the reason for the mask.  Her eyes are sensitive to light.  We didn’t realize this at first and this is part of the reason that even though she is the oldest and the biggest she is lowest on the hierarchy.  She was always dependent on the others to lead her around which made her vulnerable.  Although her mask helps to protect her from the sunlight and improve her sight she is still content to stay low mare on the totem pole.

Now this next picture will have you feeling a little sympathy for poor Stella.


Notice the baby pushing on the side of her stomach.  It’s really creepy when it moves.

Now here is the important facts on Stella.
She is due April 14h.  This will be her 5th colt.  She has had all girls.

Second we have Peanut.


Ms. Peanut

She is 1 year younger than Stella.  I’ve often felt that she was Seeing Eye Horse for Stella before her mask.  She is the boss and I hate to admit she is my favorite.  All of our mares are beautiful but I think Peanut is Gorgeous.  Her long mane and blue eyes.

Check out this beautiful blue eye.


Important facts:
This will also be Peanut’s 5th colt.  The first was a girl and the last 3 have been boys. She is due around the 1st of May.

Last but now least, we have Snowball.


Okay, she’s not much for pictures so this is all I have.

Snowball is cremello like Stella.  She too seems to benefit from the fly mask, but as you can tell in this picture she needs a new one.  We actually obtained Snowball through a trade when she was just a weanling.  We had Peanut’s mom, Babydoll, who was a bit mean.   She was a doll to people but she didn’t care who was around when she decided to kick at another horse.   She was a bit dangerous.  Before we had Tex we paid for stud services elsewhere.  The family that owned the studs knew exactly how BabyDoll was (she had kicked the wall out of one of their stalls) so we traded.  It was for the best.  We no longer had a crazy horse that was constantly attacking Stella and the new owners knew exactly what they were getting.  Everyone was happy.
Sorry I went off a bit there.

Important facts:
She is due April 3rd.  This will be her 2nd colt.  The first was a girl.

I bet you wish I would quit rambling and get to the contest part.  Well here it is.  I hope your not dissappointed.

You may want to get a pencil and paper because your are going to have to work for this contest.  Just teasing.

To celebrate my 100th post I will be giving 1 of my awesome reader/friends 5 reusable Wal-Mart shopping totes and a Personally Embroidered Throw.  If you are the winner I will embroider whatever name you would like on your new throw, first name, family name, you decide.  If you win and your not a Wal-Mart shopper I will gladly substitute the shopping totes for something else.

 So what do you think?

 For a chance to win the prizes you must leave a comment on this post by Noon CST on Tuesday March 25th.  The winner will be chosen by random drawing.  Only one entry per person and the winner will be announced Tuesday evening.

For your entry to be valid it must include a few things.

1.  Your favorite post from thebarnbums

2.  3 color choices for your throw

3.  What day do you think the first colt will be born (April 3rd?  April 15?  Will it be a  girl or boy.  

The first is to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, the second is so the winner’s throw will compliment their home, and the third is for fun and also the person coming closest to the actual first birth without going over may just win a little prize of their own.

Go forth enter the contest and tell your friends.  Oh, and make sure I have a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

Another cool contest that I know you will want to check out is over at WeAreThatFamily.  Kristen is having a week long Rodeo Rendevous.

Just an added note:  This contest is open to all,  whether your a regular reader or this is your first visit.  Join the fun.

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Post #98 – Get Set

Cowdy Howdy!

Last year we added another element to our funny farm – nurse cows.  Now our herd size is nothing compared to PW‘s, it is however big enough to keep Mr. Bum busy.

This is a picture of part of our herd. At this time we have 2 momma cows and 4 calves. Our momma cows are Holstein/Jersey crosses.  Both breeds are great milkers.  That’s about all I know.  The Holstein part is the breed that most think of when thinking milk cow.

The cow on the far left is Elsie and the right is Debbie.

See if you can guess which calf Lil’ Bum picked out last time her and Mr. Bum went to buy calves.


If you guessed the Dalmatian white cow then you were right.

Here is an up close of mom Debbie and baby.


Another of Debbie. No offense to Elsie she just lurked on the outside.


Don’t forget to stop by on Monday for “Meet a Bum Monday” with a special 100th post contest.

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Horsin’ Around

Look at him.  So care free.  Not a worry in the world.


While she waits in misery for this pregnancy to be over. Anyone that has carried a child in their womb can completely understand what this look means.


“Oh my aching back. I don’t think this baby is ever gonna come out!”

You can also probably read this body language pretty accurately.


I’m guessing, “Get away from me you pig!! You did this to me you know!!”

No matter what species we all have something in common.

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Kitty Kitty Gumball

So guess what we got in the mail week before last (yeah, I know, very late). Here’s a hint.  We received it from Secret Agent Josephine. That’s right! It was none other than Gumball the Kitty and he’s taking over our home.  Your good at guessing, psychic maybe……oh I see….the post is titled Gumball. He and Lil’ Bum became homeys at first sight. 000_0090 With Baby Bum on the other hand it wasn’t so pleasant.  Gumball had the nerve to trespass on B Bum’s turf so he had to taken down. 000_0093000_0092 He found safety up in Mimi’s Hood….. 000_0094 but soon ditched the hood and joined up with the rival gang. We haven’t seen him since.000_0096 He didn’t go without leaving us something to remember him by. 000_0097 Bad Kitty!  Bad Bad Kitty! Yeah I know, I’m a dork.  I was having a silly moment last night.  Bet you laughed though.  It may have only been from the fact that I’m a dork but you smiled just the same.  We have had fun with our little Gumball.  He’s a cutie. Look for more adventures of Gumball in the future.

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Meet a Bum Monday – Feline Fun

Finally!!…back with the bum meeting.  The holidays really threw me off track.

This week I want to introduce our feline family member, Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.

Kitty 1

These pictures really don’t do him justice.  Of course I forgot to take them in the afternoon when he was lounging at the house.  I waited until he came up for dinner last night.  He spends his nights in the barn and comes up to the house in the afternoon.  He is usually waiting on us when we come home in the evening.

Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver doesn’t suffer from multiple personality disorder.  The only disorder he suffers from are his human owners.

He is a persistent cat.  When our house was finished 4 years ago and we moved in, so did he.  He wasn’t welcomed with open arms but that didn’t deter him.  He had chosen us……..end of discussion.  We tried ignoring him.  I wasn’t very fond of him.  He picked on my other cats.  He was a true pain in the rear.

One day things took a very different turn.  As baby Lil’ Bum and I ventured down to the barn we met Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.  He was drooling and as I tried to shoo him he hissed at me.  How dare him.  I immediately diagnosed him with rabies and ordered the Big Guy to protect our baby and put him out of his misery.  I couldn’t have a rabid cat on the loose.  I made the orders but was too much of a coward to witness the deed so baby Lil’ Bum and I went into the house.  My conscious got the best of me and as I ran out the back door to undo what I had done I heard the cry of the pellet gun.  I was too late.

Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver ran away.  What had I done!

It was too late.  He was gone………………….for a little while atleast.  Remember I told you he was persistent.  He forgave me and came back about a month later.  He returned with a different look about him.  His right eye looked a little funny.  He must have gotten into a fight.   Sure that’s what happened.

This time baby Lil’ Bum took notice of him.  She liked him very much which sealed his fate.  To be safe we took him to the vet’s office to have his vaccinations and have his eye checked out.

Guess what that crazy vet said about his eye???

Head trauma… he had experienced a hard blow to the side of the head. 

I still think that vet must have been a quack.   It had to have been something else…..probably infection………….which could have been why he was drooling that day.  Maybe he was rabid and just had a miraculous recovery.

Kitty 2
Note the hazy eye.

So for about 3 years now Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver has been spoiled rotten as a result of my guilt for diagnosing him with rabies and ordering euthenasia.  That is the reason for name #2. 

He was already a great mouser.  You could tell he had a previous owner because we got into a routine very quickly.  I feed him everytime he asked and he asked ALL THE TIME.  He was already a good sized cat but began to get a whole lot bigger.  The Big Guy began to call him Fatcrack and the cute way baby Lil’ Bum would say Fat Qwauck caused it to also stick.

About a year ago Lil’ Bum became really partial to the movie Charlotte’s Web and we had a pet garden spider move in further giving Kitty aka Fatcrack another name, Wilver.

Also Meet Charlotte Web RIP.

Charlotte Web

Okay, so we are all friends here and I was very honest… believe me when I tell you we do not abuse animals.  I really did think he had rabies.  I overreacted and was wrong.  I am so happy it worked out.  Please don’t hate me.

Added Note:  I almost forgot one of the many identities for Kitty aka Fatcrack aka Wilver.  Penny calls him her Love Kitten.  Oh yes she does and it is soooo embarrassing when we have company. 🙂  .

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The Battle Continues

I have a confession……………..I have hate in my heart.

The problems started back in the spring.  First one, then two, no big deal.  Their numbers were becoming threatening.  Their evil destruction started to become noticeable. 

 One dark night I decided that I had had enough.  The children were snuggled peacefully in their beds and the big guy was snoozing away on the couch.  They had no idea of the horror that was about to unfold…..the lives that were about to be lost.

The battle began.  I scoured the house, one room at a time, looking behind every door, everywhere I had seen them lurking.  I paid special attention to the children’s bathroom where I believed that they had hatched their evil spawn.  The mortality rate was unbelievable.  I stopped counting at 24.

I most definitely hindered their invasion but in no way did I win the war.  Even last night  they taunted me.  I think it’s time for another battle.

Here are some pictures I got of the evil demons.



      Oh, wait, maybe I’m getting a little carried away.

                          They Must Die!!!!!!!

And yes there were crickets harmed in the making of this blog post.

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