Life at 4: So how do you explain……..

With the arrival of colts and spring also brings breeding season.  Although I don’t take the kids down to the breeding area “the deed” can still be seen from the house.  It has usually started and finished before it is noticed by a certain 4 year old but that wasn’t the case last weekend.

Thankfully I was in the house when Lil’ Bum asked her Memaw, “Why is Tex on top of her like that?”

MIL did a better job coming up with a quick and simple explanation but it never fails that your children will come up with something to embarrass the crap out of you.

I return to the swing set to be told by Lil’ Bum, “Tex climbed on her because he wants her to be his girlfriend, but he wants a  bunch of girlfriends, and boy horses, you know, they don’t smoke.”


I warned daycare the next day of what happened to ward off any, “What the heck are they showing that kid?”

Since we don’t smoke I’m seriously thinking that part came from a MGM cartoon.  You know, when the wolf chases the girl and off course cartoons back then contained smoking wolves.


Peanut still hasn’t given birth yet.  She is not due until next month but she ALWAYS goes 3 to 4 weeks early.

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Life at 4: Let’s play pretend!

Lil’ Bum has always been big on imagination.  We have had many laughs listening to her stories or spying as she plays.  Lately we do a great deal of pretending.   We do make believe cooking, birthday parties, grocery shopping, etc.  That’s all fine and good but I have just one problem………If I am going to play, how come I can’t join in the pretending?  My every word is feed to me from the mouth of a 4 year old.  I am told what to say and when to say it. 

Here is dialogue that is an everyday occurrence at out home:

LB:  Okay, when I sit down you ask me what my babies name is.

MB:  What’s your babies name?

LB:  No not yet!

MB: (sits and waits)

LB:  Now Momma!  Ask me what’s my babies name!

MB:  What’s your babies name?

LB:  Leeseea ???

LB:  Who’s that?  (pointing in the direction of an oblivious Baby Bum knawing on a chair)  Is that your baby?

MB:  Yes

LB:  What is his name?

MB:  Bill

LB:  No it’s not!

MB:  Yes it is!  I can call him what I want.  He’s my baby.

LB:  NO, his name is Baby Bum!  What’s your name?

MB:  Henryetta

LB:  (obvious irritation on her face)  No, your name is Momma Bum.

MB:  Well then your name is Bob Sue.  (I ride this one until she’s so mad she doesn’t want to play anymore)  🙂

The thing I fear is that Baby Bum will lack his own imagination, what, with his sister telling him where to drive his Hot Wheels who needs their own he’ll just use her’s.

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