Tackling Money Matters

I completely suck sometimes.  We have a new colt and I haven’t posted picks yet ( I just accidentally deleted them).  I can’t seem to get my computer to pull up 5minutesformom today so that I can copy their badge for Tackle It Tuesday but I am still going to share my tackle in progress.


I’m working on a budget.  It’s amazing that I have done this a dozen times over the last 5 or 6 years but this one makes me so nervous.  Why?  Maybe its because I really intend to follow it.

I am struggling a bit.  Off course I know exactly what to budge for most things, $550/house, $150/electricity, $25/internet etc. but the things that have got me stumped are things like groceries, gas, toiletries and diapers.  I have completely overhauled my shopping technique and it leaves me clueless on how much I should budget for.  Before my frugal spending makeover it was nothing for me to stop at the gas station on the way home and buy things for dinner, often paying 3 times what I would at the grocery store.  I never watched for sales or kept up with coupons.  I’m embarrassed to think of the money I wasted.

I need help.  How did you figure out your budget and what are your $ amounts?  How many are in your household?  Do you have any tips on being faithful to a budget?

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Glutteny, Addiction & Windblown Hair

I am losing the battle on my weight.  I would desperately like to lose 15-20 pounds.  I would feel better, my knee would feel better and of course I would have a larger selection in my wardrobe. I just can’t………stop……………eating.  The nighttime eating has picked up a bit also.  Last night at about exactly 3:23 am Baby Bum woke up.  I made his bottle and after he was happily drinking away I returned to the kitchen for a CUPCAKE.  What’s even worse is that I took it back to bed and ate it with my back to Mr. Bum like I was doing something illegal.  The funny part is that in his lifetime as my boyfriend/fiance/husband he has never said anything by what I ate or weighed but I am so ashamed of my overeating that I try to hide it from him.  

As far as the addiction…well its all Tracy’s fault.   There that feels better.  The first step to recovery is blaming someone else.

You see  I have this savings/coupon addiction.  The adrenaline rush from getting $0.28 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats, saving $4 on trash bags and $5 on shampoo, free Excedrin and normally $10.49 packages of Pull-Ups for $7.   It is work though and it is a learned process.   I never had it before until Tracy shared her killer CVS deals.  In the last couple of weeks I have been obsessed with coupons and sales.  I guess maybe all the savings can go to support my other habit, Diet Dr. Pepper.  

If you guys come across any deals for Aquaphor Baby let me know.  That stuff costs $7-$8 dollars for 3oz and we use 1 of those a week on Baby Bum.  I do think we finally have a bit of a breakthrough on the allergies with a new detergent.  Time will tell.

See I told you it was bad.

Holy Mega Gusts Batman!  The wind is horrid.  The temperatures have been awesome but when you have 80 mile gusts it almost defeats the purpose.  Well maybe not.  80 mile gusts at 30 degrees is worse. 

I had to run an errand at noon and the combination of the wind and passing a semi actually made my windows seem to pop from pressure.

Still no colt yet but that is probably best.  The way the wind is blowing it could take 2 days for a new colt to get its feet under it after birth.  Have you ever watched a brand new long legged colt try to stand for the first time?  It is really pitiful.  A couple of years ago I was blessed with walking outside to witness the very last moments of Peanut giving birth.  The colt was 3/4 out and the bag was open.  Mother and foal were resting a bit.  I watched in amazement for a minute and then left them alone.  After 20 minutes or so I took Lil’ Bum out to see the new baby.  They have such a hard time at first learning to stand.  You just want to go pick them up and hold them there for a while.  

More animal ramblings.  Mr. Bum weaned the nurse calves Monday.  He actually milked one of the cows Tuesday evening.  He thought Lil’ Bum might enjoy making butter.  She accompanied him for the milking process so that someone could get help if he were kicked in the head for the experience. Last night he put the cream in a jar and started shaking.  Lil’ Bum joined in for about 2 seconds and Mr. Bum was left doing the work.  About an hour later he had made a whole 2 tbsp of butter.  It’s the thought that counts though.

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Oh Baffle Me!

I just had a pretty baffling experience at noon today.  Not to knock Wal-Mart, they do supply my family with most of our needs, but seriously, I left there quite perplexed.

 So, as I was making my way to the register I was pleased to find that they are now selling reusable shopping bags.  This is something I have wanted for a while now but never got off my bum and bought them.  With much excitement I grabbed a couple figuring that by purchasing a couple at a time, they are only $1, I would soon have an army of reusable shopping bags.

On to the baffle.  I put the bags in front of the line of products…………..


instead of using them to carry some of my purchase………………..

she placed them inside their own plastic shopping bag. ???

Seriously. ….What the heck was that?  Did that not defeat the purpose of reusable?

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Tag, Your It

Pam tagged me ages ago with a photo meme. The only problem with my completing the task was that I have next to no pictures of myself. So after long thought and a little planning I finally got the pics. So here you have it as boring as it might be, “5 Facts about Me”.

1. I have bad knees.  I know.  Your first question would be, “Was it a sports injury?” My answer is No. I never made it through sports. My knees have been screwed up since I was a small kid. After three surgeries starting at the age of 16 and the last being when I was 27 the worst knee is finally stable.  This long scar is one of the best thing I ever did and one of the hardest things I ever did.

2. I brake for highway workers. They hold a special place in my heart. Next time you see workers on your roadway slow down. They really are someone’s dad or husband. Oh, and I hate this picture and I know it’s blurry but you still get my point.

3. I look like my Dad. Growing up in a small town everyone knew who I belonged to. They would usually guess my last name and which of 7 brothers was my father just by the resemblance.

4. I have fixed my hair in generally the same way for 10 years. Even though I try something new, my naturally curly hair does what it wants and it wants consistency. As far as maintenance I do not get regular hair cuts even though I like keeping my hair short.  Cutting my hair  ranks up there with shaving my legs…very low on the priority list.
After 3 months without a hair cut…

I get a little carried away……..

5. The last picture also is an example for #5. When I was 2 years old I fell from a very tall slide and hurt my lip. There were many stitches involved and although I outgrew a great deal of the scaring I still see it. See if you can find the spot.

If you feeling taggy jump on it.

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Me, Politically Savy – Yeah Right!

I hate to admit this, but I am probably one of the most politically uniformed people in America.  Part of has to do with chasing children and no free time and part of it has to do with not understanding.  The light has just never come on when it comes to politicians and politics.  Come to think of it, I often wonder if the light is on at all lately.

So, I want to know what you think.

How do you stay up to date on the world of politics?

Do you regularly vote or don’t take the time?

How do you feel about the presidential candidates and who are you planning on voting for?

Oh, and can someone explain Super Tuesday to me?  Was anything determined by that or was it just to get an idea?  We had every intention to vote, hell, our poling place was just right down the road, but we are complete losers and got caught up in stuff and forgot.  I am a horrible citizen.  I hope after posting this they don’t come and revoke my citizenship.

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When will I care again.

Remember the days, long, long ago, when your appearance was way up there on your list of priorities????

Before the birth of Lil’ Bum I tried to keep a nice appearance.  Funky red, brown, and blonde highlighted hair, fiberglass nails, plucked eyebrows, regularly shaven armpits and legs.  Heck back then I even moisturized regularly and painted my toenails, and usually I had a nice tanning bed tan.

After the birth of Lil’ Bum I was a little more laid back.  I still tried to dress hip and stylish.  The hair and nails were still done and at times I had the tan.  I was still trying to hold onto my old identity.  Showing a little cleavage every so often.  I was still trying to be hot.

 Well, things have definitely changed alot.  Sometimes I feel I have let things go too much.  It regularly amazes me that Mr. Bum still has the hots for me because HOT I am not.

Now I can atleast say that I am not longer wearing maternity underwear and only occasionally maternity shirts but the wanna-be foxy momma has left the building and I don’t know if she can find her way back.

I do atleast shower everyday.  During the week I manage makeup and hair.  The highlights are gone except for the minimal blond that is left on the ends.  The artificial nails, how I miss them.  Although they look a whole lot better than my knawed off nubs I currently have, they are less hassle and money.  As far as moisturizing and perfumes…..what are those?  Oh, is moisturizer that creamy stuff that would have prevented my legs from becoming horribly dry and prevented that burning sensation…..that’s burning sensation on my LEGS people….get your minds out of the gutter.

 Last night as I sat in the floor playing with the kids and my horribly dry skin started to sting I decided to take a few minutes and jump in the tub.  I had almost forgotten how to work the faucet.  It is mostly really quick showers nowadays.  As I sat there soaking in bath oil, buffing the thousands of layers of dry skin off my neglected feet I realized how much I’ve have let myself go.

It is just so hard to care for your children, etc. and make time for the personal things.  All I seem to manage is a quick shower in the morning and about 15 minutes for hair, makeup and clothes, then its ready the kids and hit the road.  In the evening its the last thing I think about.

Will I ever feel feminine and foxy again?

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Service Announcement

This is a service announcement brought to you by your friendly bloggerhood Momma Bum.

 Take heed.

Regardless of whether your hugely pregnant, feel like crap, cranky, and hormonal………regardless of whether your then raising a newborn and chasing a toddler:


I repeat

DO NOT completely disregard any type of organization when dealing with your income tax information. 

DO NOT completely lose the file that contained your neat and orderly expense spreadsheet that at one time you updated monthly.

Believe me when I tell you that you will be kicking yourself in your unorganized, procrastinating behind every single time you sit down to work on trying to make sense of the mess.

That is all!

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7 Things Meme

The other day Mapper posted a “7 Things Meme” and invited anyone who would like to play along do so.  I have been thinking about what I would contribute since reading hers and I’m am still not completely sure but her goes:

7 Things You Didn’t Know Meme

1.  I have 2 mothers, 2 fathers, 1 sister, 1 brother, 3 grandfathers, 5 grandmothers and if you wanted to count Mr. Bum’s family, which I do, that’s 3 mothers, 3 fathers, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  I also have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and we will just stop there.

2.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Services Counseling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with a minor in Interpreting
It is true that if you don’t use it, you lose it.  I am never around deaf people to keep up my signing skills but I do talk to myself daily……..with my hands. 
Lil’ Bum has taken an interest to sign language so I have been trying to teach her more.  It will be good for both of us.

3.  Although Mr. Bum is my 1st true love he is my second husband.  ***Jaws drop***  I wish it weren’t true but I also can’t bring myself to call it a mistake.  I am almost 400 miles away from where I grew up and if I had not gotten married to the wrong man I may not have come here and eventually met Mr. Right Bum.

4.  I am very hard on myself.

5.  I have addictions.  My first is Diet Dr. Pepper.  My other addiction just came about recently.  When I had strep throat a few weeks ago I started eating Hot Tamales.  You know, those cinnamon candies.  I eat one every day now.

6.  I used to play the piano.  I also sang in our church’s Christmas Program in 2006.  That was only the 4th time I had ever sang in front of a crowd.  I don’t see myself as a singer.

7.  I am wearing fleece pants that have Elmo on them.  At work.

Feel free to join in.

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Blue Am I

I figured today was not the best day to post.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been a very pleasant day its just that I am a little blue.

Today is one of the days where while I work I sit and think about how I would rather be at home with the kids.  I think about how I wish I could trade my responsibilities as a working mother for the responsibilites of a working stay-at-home mother.  I think of how I would trade my work-outside-of-the-home mom title for a stay-at-home & work-from-home mom title.  Being a mother and keeping a home is enough of a responsibility.

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  Lil’ Bum has been a little more needy lately and Baby Bum is crawling and has no fear or concept of boundaries.  I feel like I can’t manage it all.  There is only so much time in the evenings to try and manage quality time with the kids, care for their needs, and keep the house halfway decent.  I can’t find a happy medium and it is all a reminder of how I would love to work from home.

Sorry for the rant.  I usually avoid this topic when it is on my mind which is quite often but today it got the best of me.

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