Easter Clothes

       Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I’m a very excited about this weeks tackle. Not only was it a fun tackle but I am not racing around at the very last minute.
This weeks tackle was to find Easter outfits for the kids.

I had actually purchased Lil’ Bum’s dress a few weeks ago. I was browsing this little boutique I like and they had Easter dresses marked 40% off. I jumped on it and she loved it. There was still a sweater (it will probably be cool) and shoes for her and the whole shenanigans for Baby Bum.

I set out on Monday with my mental list of things to find. Although our town is not small it is limited in resources for example, in a town of over 20,000 there is only one place to purchase a carseat. Add the fact that everyone from neighboring small towns visit to purchase their goods and sometimes its hard to find just the right thing. Well, not this time.

I started out at the same boutique I found Lil’ Bum’s dress. I LOVE that store and the woman who owns it is so pleasant. It is not super-expensive and she has a cute selection of dress and everyday wear. I had a great deal of luck there. I found Baby Bum’s outfit and a sweater for Lil’ Bum that was actually on sale.

Next, we visited our local Payless after I picked up the children from daycare. Sometimes I’ve found that they are picked over. This was the case with the women’s shoes but for the kids there was everything I could have wanted. We walked away with 4 pairs of shoes.

So check out what we have so far:



Now I am left with picking up hose for Lil’ Bum and knee socks for Baby Bum but I will tackle that at noon today when I go into town for groceries etc.

I wanted to add this picture of Lil’ Bum and her cousins from their recent Easter egg hunt on Sunday. We had an early hunt/birthday party with our family. Take a close look at the picture.


This picture is of Lil’ Bum, Cousin S, and Cousin C very diligently hunting the final egg of the day. They just couldn’t quite find it. Finally the youngest, Cousin C, was victorious.
Do you see the egg in the window sill? They looked up, down and all around.

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Tackle It Tuesday – Tax Relief

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I’m sure by the title of this post you can tell that my taxes are FINALLY COMPLETE.  I actually finished my part of the process and turned it in to the accountant week before last.

We got the phone call this afternoon informing us that our returns were complete.  They have been signed and will soon be submited.  Now we can just sit back and wait for the refund.  🙂

Oh what a relief it is!

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Tackle It Tuesday – Fear

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today I am going to discuss a tackle that has been on my mind for a while……menu planning and my fear of the slow cooker/crock pot.
Tracy recently discussed budgeting and menu planning and it got me to thinking.  I’m always stressing in the evening to figure out what to fix for dinner.  Because I don’t plan ahead, I never have the right ingredients and don’t have much time for alot of preparation before meal time.  I’m usually home by 5pm and the family is ready to eat.
I know that planning ahead with a weekly menu would mean savings financially and tastier, healthier meals for the family.  Of course after reading Tracy’s post I still didn’t get the ball rolling until now.  Yesterday I read Annie’s menu for the week and it reiterated the fact that I need to plan ahead.  Guess what??  I’m gonna do it……………..No really I am.
There is one little problem though.  I can do the menu.   I can do the shopping.  I can’t do the slow cooker/crock pot.  I’m afraid.
 You see, as I may have discussed before, I have this OCD issue that deals with fire.  It is completely controllable but I have to take steps to relieve the anxiety, like unplug my hair dryer, the toaster and Lil’ Bum radio, and turning off my computer, the dryer and the dish washer.  I’m fine when I leave the house as long as all of these things are done.  As you can see, the thought of leaving a crock pot cooking while I’m at work puts me a little over the edge.  I know people do it all the time, but just the thought freaks me out.  What if it catches on fire and Penny is trapped in the house.  Yeah, I have one of those In Case of Fire Save Pet stickers in a window.
I know the crock pot is not the only way to go but it would sure make the transition and work alot easier.  I also live close enough that I could go home and check the food at noon.  I just need some encouragement and opinions.
Do you feel slow cookers/crock pots are safe?  Do you leave your cooker on while your out of the house?
Help me tackle my fear!  And any good recipes wouldn’t hurt either.
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No Tackles

Sorry, but I have no tackles to report today.  Since last Wednesday I have been in constant clean up mode.    In 4 days time I washed every set of sheet we own 3 times.  Also, with 4 days of stinky yellow baby diarrhea I have probably changed 2 million diapers and changed a little boys clothes about 5 times a day.

 On Saturday Mr. Bum was down with the sickness, not the song, the flu.  Saturday night found my mother praying to the porcelain gods.  Let me tell you, my house is the place to visit right now.

 Enough with the whining.

 Guess what!!  I am feeling a little moved to write a piece about my family history.  Maybe a poem, maybe a short story.  I have the subject and I have all these words running through my head.  I’m not sure when I will have it ready to read.  I hope its worth the wait, I am not a writer.

 This may be all for today.  Soon we are taking Baby Bum to the doctor because its not enough that he just finally recovered from the stomach flu, he now must run fever.

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Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Whew!  I thought I was doing good by finishing up yesterday’s post, but then I go visit 

5minutesformom and realized its Tuesday.  It is a day for tackling.

I must admit I am a little unprepared, but then again, “Tackle It Tuesday” is not always about cleaning.

So just to keep up with the routine I will tell you what I have been tackling for the last few days.  In case you don’t know, Lil’ Bum will be turning 4 on February 10th.  She has decided that she wants a Cinderella party.  I have been working on ordering her party supplies and planning the festivities.  We are keeping it in the family so MIL has agreed to make the girls Cinderella dresses for the party.  I am also planning on making some sort of tuxedo shirt for the boys so they can join in the fun.

This is what I have done so far.  I ordered the party supplies last week. Most of them have already arrived and it is torture for Lil’ Bum. She is already so excited.

Today I will be getting a head count to start planning costumes.  I know it is still early but with two young ones running around waiting until the last minute is a nightmare.

Go on over to 5minutesformom to check out some more tackling bloggers.

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Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It’s that time of the week again.  Procrastination prohibited my tackling an emergency kit.  In my defense, last night in an Ambien induced fog I did order a first aid kit.  Not the smartest purchase but not the worst either.  I could have made one on my own but last night it seemed like a great idea.

This week’s tackle was Lil’ Bum’s room.  Check out the before and after.


The closet floor is actually clean. There is a body pillow and blanket folded on the floor.  I also added the book shelves to give her more storage.

This is what happens when you tell Lil’ Bum to take her toys to her room.  She thinks as long as it makes it into her room even a couple of inches all is good.

She was so excited with her clean room I thought her head was going to explode.


Go on over to 5minutesformom to check out more tackles.

Added Note: Baby Bum and I both showed signs of improvement this morning. Yeah!

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Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I am officially becoming a working member of the “Tackle It Tuesday” clan.  I admit that writing this post and thinking about the pictures I am preparing to share with you leaves me feeling a little exposed.  Here’s your warning……it’s disgusting,  but I do promise that the rest of my shower is completely presentable.  I guess I should have taken pictures in my defense.

I had planned to start off with a big tackle like my closet, but after cooking dinner, doing dishes, bathing the children and playing Prince Charming for Lil’ Bum,  I didn’t manage anything that impressive.  I did however take care of something of equal importance but quite a bit smaller, the soap holder in my shower.  I honestly can’t tell you how long it had been.

View before:

100_1704 100_1705 100_1706 100_1708

Yeah, I know, it’s horrible, and yes we have been too lazy to take the old soaps out and yes I see the hair but it was after the fact (remember the picture of Baby Bum sleeping in the Big Guys lap??  He is not without some extra hair)  Please tell me you have had something equally as disgusting at some point in time.  PLEASE!

I soaked it in cleaner and scrubbed it up and voila!!!!!


100_1710 100_1711

You know, although that was a small tackle it felt good to finally get it done.  This “Tackle It Tuesday” stuff may be really good for me.  Go on over to 5minutesformom to check out even more jobs that have been tackled.

The angelic lady that is my housekeeper just might pee her pants when she sees this. 🙂

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