Where has the time gone?

This past Saturday officially marked the one year anniversary of my giving birth to Baby Bum.  Delivering him was a piece of cake compared to his sister.  With Lil’ Bum I went into the hospital with so many expectations of a drug free, peaceful birth, which opened myself up for disappointment when things didn’t go as planned.  I was positive for strep which isn’t good when your water has been broken for 12+ hours and the end is nowhere in sight.  In the end she came without complications.

When I entered the hospital to birth Baby Bum, I had no written plan.  My mental plan was to go with the flow and do what I felt was best.  It was awesome.  No guilt for not following through, no dissappointment and man did he come out alot faster.


He has changed so much over this last year but the last month seems to have been overflowing with memorable moments.  Just yesterday I caught him on top of his sister’s captain’s bed and then again this morning.  He has taken notice of animals over the last two weeks.  We have a poster of pigs in our church’s nursery and the calf picture for June of Ree’s calendar are his favorites. 

He has no use for baby food anymore and feel certain that if you are eating so should he.  The only problem with that is he has a very weak off button.

Although he doesn’t say much right now he has a definite way of communicating.  Mostly grunts and screams! but I guess it works.  He off course says Mama and yesterday when I was telling him not to bite me it sounded as if he was saying, “Mama bi”.  My poor right shoulder look like I was attacked by a Chihuahua.  I have to figure out how to get a handle on that.

Happy Birthday Buddy Buddy Poo Pie!

I will add a picture or two to this post when I am able but until then you can check out the latest at Flickr.

My family is doing okay right now considering.  I’ll post details on another post.

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There was a post here earlier.

There was a post here just a second ago but I deleted it because it was whiney and maybe a little PMSey.


We will try another post later.

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Rollin’ with Sissy

They always want to do what the big kids do. 


Baby Bum has discovered the wonder that is Hot Wheels and lucky for us Lil’ Bum has become a much better driver.
He has also learned to mimic everything like jumping on the bed, trying to turn the door knob and coloring. He is changing so fast. He will turn 1 this Saturday.

Lil’ Bum also wants to do what the big kids do. Her’s is just on a larger scale. At church the children are older by 4+ years and she adores them. I have a hard time letting her go.

She is developing a little sass.


The family is doing well considering. I’ve not had to deal with mortality on this level before and realize that I avoid thinking at times. My Papaw had surgery this morning to remove a blood clot and tumor from the back part of his brain. As much as I hate to talk about it, it finally hit me that he might not have come through. It was a very risky surgery.
He did in fact make it through and so far appears not to have suffered damage. Just pain.

This morning when I spoke with him a couldn’t help but worry it would be the last. I really have taken for grantide that they will all be there. I never imagined that Ray would leave us when he did. I believed I still had time. I was avoiding the sickness, the fact that the end was near. I was too late. I now know I have a problem.

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Guess who!


Gosh no!  It’s me.  The one who has abandoned her blog.  Man it is amazing how fast times flies when your mind in going at lightspeed.

Our trip to Arkansas was a good one.  At times a little stressful with the question, “Are we almost there?” asked so many times I lost count and an 11 month old screaming while pulling at his carseat.  I don’t see how those who travel often with their children do it.  My guess is that their kids ride better than mine.  I always wish our trips were longer but it is good to get back home.

Mr. Bum was off on vacation last week (eye roll and jealousy) and he kept Lil’ Bum home with him the last half of the week.  She had a ball.  Their first adventure was a family of skunks, or stunks as Lil’ Bum calls them, in our barn.  When the little guy and I got home Wednesday evening I was happy to find a sweet smelling family but we did have a stunk stinking truck. 

I think she could be a full time farm girl.  She always had stories to tell me but it absolutely tired her out.

Saturday was our big day of fun.  We left early in the morning and hit Target before going to my nephew’s birthday party.  He turned 3.  The kids played hard all day and when evening came Baby Bum headed back toward home with the in-laws while Mr. Bum and I took the girl to the  circus.  She was ecstatic.  I could hardly keep her in her seat.  I think I should start a circus of my own because that could definitely be where the money is with $9 popcorn and $7 cotton candy.  It was all worth it but I still reserve the right to fuss.

Mom had surgery last Tuesday.  They removed 2 lymph nodes.  One had a trace of cancer and the other was clear.  One more surgery for more lymph node removal and placement of a chemo port and then chemo.  Honestly she is handling things better than I am.  She is very positive.  I think think part of the reason that I am having the problems is that I am not there to witness the good attitude she has so I just worry.  Everything is really going for her.  Early detection and treatment.  I just hate she has to go through all this.

Today has been a dreary Monday.  It has poured rain since about 6am.  We did need the moisture but when you show up to work drenched it doesn’t make for a pleasant day.

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I am completely lost on a title for today’s post.  So “Title” it is.  How’s that for creativity.

With my blog posts being sporadic the last month or so you have to atleast give me credit for being consistent.  I have consistently been distant.

I had big plans for a sharing different avenues that I have made a little extra cash but I was thrown for a loop Wednesday.  Have you ever felt like you were under attack?  That is exactly how I felt.  I don’t mean to continue to post about sickness and stress but it has been coming non stop.

As you know we recently lost my grandfather (Mom’s stepdad).  Well a few weeks ago my other grandfather found out he had cancer in his right kidney.  Good thing was they could remove his kidney and be finished except that his left kidney only had 40% function so dialysis was in his future.  Well, bad news is they took his kidney and found more cancer so he will start cancer treatments short a kidney.

So this brings us to last week.  Mom had a lump removed from her breast.  They thought it didn’t look like cancer but then the results came in Wednesday and it was.  When she first told me I knew she had to be joking but then realized, you don’t joke about a cancer diagnosis.  So, good news, they think they got it all but she either needs to have more tissue removed and do 6 weeks of radiation or have a mastectomy.  Tuesday she is going for the tissue removal and radiation after.  Let’s say I was more than a little freaked out.  Mr. Bum was fishing until late with his father  and normally it doesn’t bother me to be home alone with the kids but Wednesday night I was afraid.  I heard noises and couldn’t relax.  I was worried who would be next.  Would it be my kids? 

After a full day of scheduling a trip to Arkansas this weekend I am finally a little more calm.  Things will work out and I will get that post on legit online money making tools.  Just not today……………….or this weekend.  We will come back on Monday.  I’ll plan to post more then.


Have a great weekend.

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Pass the bug!

Every family has played this game before and oh how fun it is.  Our little game started Tuesday at 3pm.  Baby Bum got sick at school.  It didn’t last more than a few hours.  Next came Lil’ Bum’s turn at 3:30pm on Wednesday.  I was more than a little nervous when 3 o’clock rolled around on Thursday but the game seemed to be over.  Until Friday afternoon when Mr. Bum decided to play. 

Saturday and Sunday left me feeling lucky and relieved but then last night about 8pm I realized I also got a turn.

You don’t always realize just how loved you really are until you 4 year old feels the need to keep watch as you play in the toilet.  She came in very quietly and even after I asked her to go in the other room she instead sat on the rug a few feet away. 


I pray the game is over.  Right now I am nursing a pretty bad headache but the tummy troubles seem over.  I had planned an informative post on all the ways I earn extra money online and where I find out about all the cool freebies and deals but that will have to wait until another day. 

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Mommy Confessions

I have a confession to make.  Since we are all friends I feel like I can tell you something and you will completely understand what I’m trying to say.  I love my children so much, but this…………….


Is making me a little crazy.  Pretty much he cries if I’m not holding him, and he cries if I am.  He cries til he turns red in the face if I put the Dr. Pepper up or if you shut the door, or the door to the fridge, or you take something away from him.  He even stands next to me when I use the bathroom and cries.  Oh, and his sister is starting to mimic him. 

He is so stinking cute but I’m tired of the crying.  At first I made excuses.  You know, he’s tired, hungry, doesn’t feel well, etc.  But then I had to admit the real problem……………………………


He’s spoiled!


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Parental Soapbox

Although I have a good feeling what most of your opinions will be I would still love to read your input.  With our recent attendance of Lil’ Bum’s and her cousins dance recital it has become all too clear that my feelings toward what is appropriate and inappropriate with children differs greatly from others.  I must now gather my nerve and determination and prepare myself for the day when I must stand up for my child.

Our first dance recital was that of our niece S.  It was fun to watch but there was one thing that bothered me.  The costumes for some of the middle school aged children were far from flattering.  Some of the girls were a little heavier than others and the mid-drift revealing costumes caused their bellies to hang out like a beer gut.  In other dances girls wore styles of the same costume and I don’t really understand why someone did think, “HMM, maybe we should get little Katie a different style costume that flatters a full figure girl.”  Instead it seems they totally disregarded the fact that little Katie has a larger tummy and the fact that the costumes are fitted only emphasized that fact.

As a mother would I have stood up for my daughter?  Would I have talked with the teacher about the way the costume was horribly unflattering?  What would you have done?

I try very hard not to talk of dieting and losing weight around Lil’ Bum because I don’t won’t her to worry about those things.  I want her to have a healthy self-image and be proud of herself for who she is and not always strive for the unattainable Hollywood body image.  I can’t help but feel that by subjecting girls to costumes that are unflattering only causes them to be self conscious.


Needless to say, I was on high alert during Lil’ Bum’s dance recital.  My eyes were peeled for inappropriate costumes.  Luckily during the part of the recital that I was able to watch there was only one group with belly showing outfits and they weren’t unflattering at all.  Not too bad.  There was a little gyrating that made my skin crawl but I tried to remember that it was all in fun and not meant to be sexual in nature.

All I can say is I’m not ready for my little girl to grow up.  I’m not ready to deal with this stuff.

Now for the fun part.  Please tell me your opinions!!!


Over all I enjoyed both recitals very much but my mommy alarmed sounded on high.

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The birds & bees & tacky exes.

Now that everything is over I am in this strange sense of calm.  After the recital everything has died down.  Time to get back on track with blogging and blog reading.

So, I want to know what you all have to share.  A couple of weeks ago Mr. Bum shared with me that one of his ex flings called him at work to ask for his address.   The freaky thing was that she already knew our physical and mailing address.  She just wanted to know which one.  Now being that she was sort of a psycho he wasn’t cooperative until she explained that she wanted to sent him a graduation invitation from her son.  No biggy right????

Well I am not at all jealous but when the invitation arrived in the mail guess how it was addressed????

Mr. Barn Bum


Mr. and Mrs. Barn Bum

She knew we were married.  I can’t help but feel that was a little tacky.    I didn’t mind that it was coming because I knew she was just fishing for graduation gifts but seriously.  Wouldn’t any tactful person and included the wife.

What do you think?  Do you have a similar story to share?


Try to imagine this picture.  It’s a beautiful Saturday and your playing outside with your kids enjoying the pleasant weather.  You notice a bird land on the fence and show it to your daughter because she loves birds.  Soon another bird perches next to the first and you 4 year old is oohing and ahhing at how cute they are.  Then right before you and your child’s eyes they…..begin…..breeding.  Oh, the joys of spring.  Luckily she didn’t catch on to this one as she did the horses.  But they did it…………several times.  Completely threw me for a loop and I stood waiting for a question that I had no idea how I would answer.

I still can’t help but giggle when I think about how their love-making got cut short because a screaming 4 year old came racing at them in the attempt to CATCH one for a pet.  I’m sure that ruined the romance.

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Recital Pictures

Lil’ Bum is still asleep and my mom and step-dad will be leaving this morning.  I just wanted to take a minute and tell you that the recital pictures are up at flickr.  Be prepared because there are a lot.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.

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