Snack Day and other successes

I’ve noticed that lately when I actually do post it is most of the time negative so tonight I decided to post on the things that have gone well lately.

Yesterday it was Lil’ Bum’s turn to bring snacks for Pre-K class. They asked for a low sugar option and since I really wanted her to have something cool I decided on a low sugar banana pudding. We took the small Glad cups and put crushed vanilla wafer in the bottom and them filled them with fat free/sugar free vanilla pudding and fat free cool whip (which is low in sugar). Since the cups were so small we just sent the bananas seperate. Guess what!!! They were a success. I was a little worried that the teacher would think they were too much trouble but I sent napkins and utensils and instructions to place the dirty cups in a plastic bag and I would wash them. She seemed pleased and Lil’ Bum was happy. Success #1.

Mom got her 3rd round of chemo Monday and has been feeling surprisingly well. This is a great relief because she was really dreading the side affects. Yeah Mom! And Granny for being such a good nurse and being there for her! Thank You! Success #2.

Also, my friend H was having some pregnancy complications. She started bleeding last week. She is far enough along that it wasn’t implantation. We were scared. The doctors said all she could do is wait and see. As of Sunday, all bleeding has stopped. Success #3.

I have been having loads of fun couponing. I have been sharing tips with a co-worker and she is super excited. I love saving money and helping others do so as well.

So besides the fact that I still feel super rushed with pre-k now started there are many good things going on as well.

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  1. Glad to hear some good news! I will be thinking of your mom and hoping all continues to go well.

  2. Oh yeah for you!!!! Isn’t it nice to have good things going on in your life??? I am really glad to hear that things are going well for your mom. I know that has to give you some peace of mind. And if I remember right, your mom is not right there near you. (?) So I hope things keep going good for your family. How is the little horse doing that had the cut on his chest (?) that we saw the pictures of? Really do miss all your blogging and your wonderful pictures. Hope all is well on the homefront!

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