How To Make a Man melt

Take the big brown eyes of a 9 month old baby, add one frown, and a cry of disappointment and hurt feelings and you’ll have one 6’5″ 260+ lb daddy falling all over himself to pick up his son.

Wednesday evening when Mr. Bum came in from work Baby Bum crawled as fast as he could to greet him.  It was pouring rain and Mr. Bum was needing to carry feed down to the barn through the mud and rain and then feed all our animals plus the 2 pregnant heifers that we are babysitting.  (Have you ever had the object of your babysitting go into labor?)

Anyway, I know his thoughts were  to hurry and get his chores done so that he could come in and play with the kids, so he tried to step over Baby Bum and in the process touched his head with his boot.  I know he wasn’t physically hurt because Daddy was being very careful but the look that came across Baby Bum’s face was the most pitiful site I’ve ever seen.

First there was the frown then the water works started, but only until Daddy drop everything and picked him up.

It’s so funny how children can wrap you around their fingers.

Now for more links.  5minutesformom is giving away the exact carseat that I just bought Baby Bum.  I absolutely love it and even entered to win theirs because I would love to have another for Lil’ Bum being that she has several pounds to go before she can move to a booster.

I know many of you have probably already seen the post but Pioneer Woman’s post with pics of her youngest son playing with a cigarette are about the funniest thing. It just goes to show how much our children really do watch our actions, or in her case the actions of others.

I know for Lil’ Bum and I, we weren’t exactly star pupils when it came to potty training but like my MIL always told me, you never see a first grader that’s not potty trained. Jenna is experiencing the joys of potty training and I bet would enjoy any tips or experiences you might want to share.

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  1. No way in hell? But that’s the wrong answer!!

    Hallie 🙂

  2. My toddler LOVES her daddy. She is constantly asking for him and wanting him, usually when he’s not here! My hubby doesn’t mind the attention at all. Those girls of his have him wrapped TIGHTLY. And of course, my son’s new love of fishing makes my husband VAIN and PROUD. He needs to pray thru!

  3. 6’5″??!! Can I say how jealous I am, or would that be inappropriate? B/c I’m just a little taller than the average woman, I’m rarely significantly shorter than most men you encounter daily. Taller than a lot even. I always gawk when I see a really tall man. He could be 112 years old, and I would still stare. I would love the idea to be able to wear kick butt heels and still have the man be shorter.

  4. How tall are you? I want a picture of you standing beside him. Family picture time… get on that chickie poo…

  5. I’m with Pam, it’s family picture posting time!!!

  6. Don’t go fishing!! Imagine what might fly out of the water at you!!

    Good lord. We aren’t safe anywhere….

    Hallie 🙂

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